Airsoft Tactical Gear Essentials – All You Need to Have a Lot of Fun

by | Last updated 2nd December, 2020 | Posted in Gear Guides

In airsoft, good gear means you are safe to play and have as much fun as you want (within the established rules, of course). 

So, in this article, I am going to talk about how to choose the right tactical gear from head to toe without spending a fortune. After all, it’s about buying the right gear, not the most expensive, right?

As such, I decided to split the gear into three main categories: for head, torso & waist, and lower body.

Airsoft Tactical Gear for the Head 

I strongly recommend wearing a full-coverage mask that protects the entire head and the eyes. There are some amazing models out there and you can use one that makes you look like a bad-ass demon looking for revenge (just my personal favorite). 

V-TAC Sierra Goggles Maritime SpecOps Military Style Helmet 2G Steel Mesh Half Face Mask
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However, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a full-face mask, you must wear at least one that covers the lower half of your face, or a half-face mask (a BB to the teeth is not fun, believe me!). Also, goggles are mandatory and I do recommend wearing a hat or some sort of helmet (like this Maritime SpecOps Military Style Helmet) that also covers your ears and neck. 

Quick tip: make sure to choose a pair of goggles with a built-in ventilation system and adjustable straps to avoid the lenses fogging up. For instance, these V-TAC Sierra are a great option.

The cartilage of the ears and the neck are extremely sensitive, which increases the pain tenfold. If you don’t know the damage an airsoft BB can cause, have a look at my airsoft pain guide here. 

For more on this, check my Best Airsoft Mask guide.

Airsoft Tactical Gear for Torso & Waist 

While some of you may be tough enough to get by with a shirt and a vest, I like to take my time and build BB-proof equipment around my torso. This is because I like to look cool (tactical gear is truly amazing!) but also because I like to have additional storage space for ammo, batteries, gas, and so on. 

So, here’s what I recommend for your tactical gear around the torso and waist:

Tactical Vest

A vest helps you protect the chest and back (especially if you get one with a built-in plate carrier) but it’s also great for the type of storage space it offers. All tactical vests are designed with various types of pockets (for extra ammo, batteries, gas containers, and so on) and have attachments that can be changed, removed, or improved according to your needs. 

Lancer Tactical Tactical Vest Modular Chest Rig with Pouches Assault Plate Carrier Vest
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Overall, the vest is a must-have for players long sessions or if you usually carry lots of things on the field. Of course, it also protects your skin from BBs and it looks extremely cool!

For more on how to choose a vest and recommendations, check my Best Tactical Vest guide.

Tactical Belt

As the name says, a tactical belt goes around your waist and, besides securing your pants, it also provides extra room for accessories. For instance, you can strap a few magazine pouches on your belt, and make sure they are in the ideal position to reach whenever you need to reload. 

Condor G.I. Belt Leapers Belt NC STAR VISM Belt
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Tactical Gloves

Have you ever got hit by a BB in the knuckles of your hand or anywhere else on the top of the hand? If you had, then you know it hurts like crazy and it usually leaves some nasty marks that may take weeks to heal. 

But you can avoid all the pain and suffering by wearing a pair of tactical gloves. They are designed to protect the sensitive areas of the hand, without hindering your shooting action. Also, they look amazing and give the wearer a bad-ass vibe!

Mechanix High-Dexterity Gloves Valken Tactical, Sierra II Valken Alpha Half Finger
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The list of gear items that will add to your safety and comfort during a game could go on, but I think we covered the basics. 

I would only add a hydration carrier, some magazine pouches, and maybe a tactical shirt. These items are not mandatory for your safety, but they will make your life a bit easier and your overall outfit will be cooler.

In addition, you may also want a tactical backpack, for those airsoft games away from home that may last an entire weekend. 

Airsoft Tactical Gear for the Lower Body

The lower body is a bit less sensitive since we’re talking about the legs and feet. While it’s true that a well-shot BB can still leave a mark, the muscles of the legs are stronger and more difficult to phase. 

Still, I wouldn’t recommend wearing jeans. This type of pants will constrict your movements (especially if you need to crouch or crawl) and if they get wet, your degree of comfort will drop quite rapidly. I honestly like to wear combat pants. They usually have a camouflage pattern, and the material is breathable and comfy. Furthermore, this type of pants is usually fitted with easy to reach pockets (secured with zippers or Velcro) for extra storage space. 

In fact, if you really want to enjoy the game to its fullest, I think a combat uniform would be a better choice. 

Lastly, you will need a good pair of tactical boots to keep your feet away from humidity and support the ankle. Boots are very important for your safety (especially during outdoor games) but they also provide better traction than any other sports footwear.

For more details, please check my best tactical boots for airsoft guidelines.

Wrap Up

While it may seem a bit excessive (to some players), I am very serious when it comes to airsoft protection gear. I love airsoft, especially when played with worthy opponents, which is why I want to be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. 

If I get hurt while playing (a BB to the face, neck, or hand is not that easy to support), there’s a good chance that my focus will be diminished. Also, when I’m in full gear, I feel really cool and this boosts my confidence. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to use the gear you are comfortable with while keeping your safety and comfort in mind.