11 Best Airsoft Guns Of 2019

by Liam | Last updated 1st February, 2018 | Posted in Airsoft Guides
Looking for a new airsoft gun? Our fresh guide will show you the hottest airsoft guns of 2019 including reviews and detailed information on each product.

best airsoft guns

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Umarex HK45CT Airsoft Pistol Colt versatile rifle for CQB

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What is the best airsoft gun? With dozens of rifle manufacturers, hundreds of gun platforms and classifications that will make your head spin, making the right choice is anything but easy.

Not to fret! Liam (that’s me!) has got you covered. Let me give you access to my decade of airsoft experience and guide you along as you make your most important airsoft purchase!

What to Look for in an Airsoft Gun

Whether you’re a beginner who is just buying his very first weapon or an experienced collector, you should know the information I listed below before making a purchase. It helps in finding the best airsoft gun that’s right for your needs and it allows you to understand why some are more expensive than others.

The Different Types of Guns

These guns come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but there are only three types when it comes to the engine that powers the gun:

  • AEGs or Automatic Electronic Guns (these work with batteries)
  • Gas Powered Guns
  • Spring Powered Guns

Different Airsoft Brands

There’s literally hundreds of different manufacturers. Also of the ones in this guide come highly recommended by us, but if you’d like to do some more reading then checking out our airsoft gun brands guide.

Electric powered airsoft guns (AEGs)

Tip: AEG stands for ‘Automatic Electric Gun’ – The most important thing to remember is that these will need to be re-charged periodically and batteries may need to be replaced over time. They do however have a high level of performance.

These are amazing for rapid fire situations! They are equipped with a gearbox system that allows the gun to shoot continuously, as long as you pull the trigger. Of course, you some AEGs also have the option to set the gun on single fire or burst, so you won’t empty your mag in 2 seconds. But it’s not just about rapid fire with these guns; they are also powerful and reliable (if you have a good battery).

Gas powered guns (AKA C02 guns)

Tip: Gas powered guns are often the go-to weapon of choice for experienced Airsoft players who want the most realistic milsim experience.

Powerful and quite fun, these airsoft guns can create the idea of recoil (like a real gun). Most gas operated guns are pistols, and if you want to feel the recoil, make sure they have the blowback feature. Gas guns tend to have a small gas container in their stock that needs to be refueled, but some offer the option to simply switch containers.

They are also quite sensitive to cold and their performance decreases in cold environments.

Spring powered guns

Tip: Spring-powered guns are the most common type of Airsoft weapon, more suitable for beginners and casual players

Some of the most common airsoft weapons out there, they are the best fit for a beginner and are both affordable and extremely common. This type of weapon uses a spring to propel the BB out of the barrel, and the player must reset it after every shot (so no automatic fire). Usually, spring powered guns are cheap and lack the power of an AEG or a Gas pistol. This is why they are the best choice for a beginner.

Assuming you’re a serious player, here’s a cool comparison video between Gas (c02) and Electric (AEG) guns:

Price vs Quality

The airsoft guns market is so diverse that anyone can find something. You can even find a gun for $20 if this is what you’re looking for! However, if you actually want to use the gun in a game, I recommend choosing something with a higher price tag.

Important: Although it’s possible to buy some pretty solid weapons for $80-150, the airsoft guns in this list are all high quality, and will set you back between $150-$800

Airsoft weapons that are very cheap are also flimsy and don’t have cool features. So if you really want to try your chance at airsoft, make sure to get one that won’t fall apart in your hands after the first few shots.

Plastic or Metal

When you first start browsing for an airsoft weapon you’ll notice that some producers praise their guns as being the real deal because they feature an all-metal body. While metal is nice and gives a bit more weight to the gun, one that features an ABS plastic body is just as good (even better in some case).

Metal is great for the barrel, the trigger, the safety, and the internal mechanism, but the body is just as great when it’s plastic. Even more, a gun with a plastic body is lighter, so it’s easier to use it for longer periods of time (especially for a beginner).

So, when you are in doubt, and you want to save money, go with durable ABS plastic – you won’t regret it!

FPS and Accuracy

Now that we have price, type, and quality out of the way, we can talk about the gun’s performance. FPS comes from Feet Per Second and is used to show your gun’s speed. The faster the gun, the more chances you get to shoot your opponent. However, if you play in an airsoft field, make sure to check their FPS policy – most fields cap the FPS to a certain limit to avoid any permanent injuries to players.

Airsoft bb performance

Image Courtesy of MetalTac

The accuracy of your weapon is directly connected with the FPS, but it’s also dependent on other variables such as windage, distance, your position, or sights. It’s also important to know if you will be shooting long or short-range, but the very first thing to check is the adjustable sights.

Besides the sights, high-quality airsoft weapons have a Hop Up mechanism (adjustable on high-end guns) that allows the player to improve accuracy. This system puts a backspin on the BB as it leaves the barrel and makes it fly relatively straight. It also helps with the distance the BB travels.

Of course, no weapon, regardless how advanced, will be able to hit the target if you don’t know how to take aim and shoot. So make sure to practice before you engage in a game!

Types of BBs

The projectile used by airsoft guns is the BB – this is a round plastic (usually) projectile that’s 6mm in diameter. BBs come in sets of 100 or more and can be bought online or in any airsoft store. However, you’ll notice that there are several types of BBs on the market even though you can’t tell the difference by just looking at them. That’s because they are all of the same size – it’s the weight that makes them different.

airsoft bb weight chart

Image courtesy of Airsoftwarrior.net. 

The lightest BBs are the 0.12 grams and they are used with the cheapest weapons. Because they’re so light, they don’t travel too much of a distance and are easily blown away. Still, if you want to practice, the .12 BBs are great!

The most used BBs are the 0.20 grams and the 0.25 grams because they travel long distances and make for great ammunition. However, if you want something more challenging, the wright goes up so you can have your pick.

I recommend checking your gun’s specification when you buy a new set of BBs – usually the producer lets you know which to choose.


Once you get your first airsoft gun, you will definitely want to improve your gear and this is where accessories come into place. The market is filled with cool accessories, but the best ones to get are a scope and a laser pointer (especially if you’re a beginner).

Still, in order to mount these on your weapon, you have to make sure your gun has rails on top and at the bottom. A good rail system will allow you to add a whole bunch of accessories!  

Shooting Style & Role

Airsoft Player Roles

Any airsoft player knows each member of the team gets to play a role (sniper, rifleman, support gunner, and so on). This is usually assigned according to your skills and shooting style, but you have to get the right weapon for the role.

Before going for a certain position, it’s important to consider the type of shooting you want to do. For instance, if you like shooting targets from afar, you are a sniper. On the other hand, if you like bringing down your target in close range, you are great for CQB situations and you need a rifle with a short barrel or a pistol.

Once you decide on the style, you also have to consider the magazine capacity. This feature decides how much you’ll have to load during one mission and how easy the process will be. If you decide to play in a CQB position, it’s best to get a gun with additional ammo capacity, but if you are a sniper, you can work with reduce ammo capacity, since there’s no need for rapid fire.

The Best Airsoft Guns

Hopefully, by now you have an idea of what you want from your airsoft gun, as it’s time to check out some pretty nice models! Below I listed some of the best guns on the market right now and their main pros and cons.

VFC H&K 416A5

  • Very powerful
  • Great ROF and accuracy
  • All-metal internals
  • Great rail system
  • Aluminum upper and lower receiver
  • Nice and heavy in your hands
  • The sound is a bit weak
  • It doesn’t come with a battery
  • Trigger guard a bit difficult to flip

Are you looking to kick off the hats of everyone on the airsoft field? If so, the H&K 416A5 from VFC is right up your alley! The gun looks amazing, but the main feature I love is the power – this is a bad-ass AEG featuring tremendous power.

Ready to roll from the box and LIPO ready!

This is the type of airsoft gun you can use straight from the box without any updates necessary. At a closer inspection, you will be pleased to notice the full-metal body that features amazing licenses and the overall solid build of the gun. Even more, the rifle is realistically heavy, and it feels amazing as the metal quad-rail picatinny handguard fits perfectly in your hands!

To be even more impressive, the rifle is equipped with front and rear flip up sights and a retractable crane stock which makes it incredibly versatile on the airsoft field!

Compact rifle with excellent range

Overall, the H&K 416A5 is an impressive piece of weaponry, with a clean but solid build and tremendous power (over 390 FPS).  The rifle is designed to serve players in CQB situations and it has a pretty good rate of fire (which can be customized due to the quick spring change system).

To make sure everything is according to standards, VFC (the company that manufactures the rifle) puts both the internal and externals through several quality tests.

High-end Design

The H&K 416A5 comes with a 320-round high capacity magazine and has several cool features that make it a good fit for both beginners and advanced players. For instance, the front sight can be locked in place and can be adjusted for elevation while the rear sight can be adjusted for windage. 

I love the fact that they can be flipped up or down, so if you have a high-end optic, you can simply ignore them. As you can see, the rail system provides plenty of space for all sorts of accessories. Furthermore, the metallic upper and lower receivers are solid and feel amazing in your hand.

CQB-perfect & Powerful

The rifle is specially designed for CQB situations and you can tell this by its compact size, versatility, solid build, and over sized trigger guard (which can be completely flipped down). 

Finally, just like most AEGs out there, the H&K 416A5 features a semi and full automatic mode where you can shoot rapid fire. The gun is pretty accurate and  the 300mm inner barrel is really helpful.

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ASG Scorpion EVO 3 BET Carbine

asg scorpion airsoft gun

  • Powerful & accurate
  • Solid build
  • Amazing feel in your hands
  • Easy to customize
  • Handguard allows many accessories
  • You can attach a bigger mag
  • Compartment for a bigger battery
  • A bit heavy (for beginners)

With a beautiful build and solid body, the EVO 3 BET carbine is about the same length as an M4. While not a completely new model (the BET carbine is built on the A1 design) it comes with great improvements such as the longer outer barrel and MLOK handguard (for better grip and more cool accessories).

High-quality Internals

The cool thing with this EVO Carbine is that it features a full-metal internal system. This is why everything sounds and feels so good, and why the weight is just right. The electronically controlled metal gearbox is designed to deliver advanced functions and send the BBs flying out at high-speed (about 425 FPS). The EVO 3 BET is highly accurate (with the right Hop Up adjustments, of course) and it shoots well from over 50m.

Of course, I have to name other cool features such as the Actual 3 Round Burst (which is not new, but now works flawlessly) and Automated Internal Failure Detection (so you don’t continue shooting when your gun has an internal problem).

Easy to use

For ease of use, this EVO carbine comes with front and rear sights (which can be removed) and ambidextrous fire selector.

I love the fact that the BET version comes with a mock barrel suppressor from the box, which makes it look more aggressive. However, if you don’t need a longer barrel, you can easily replace it with a standard outer barrel as the base is a 16mm CW thread.

The carbine uses a 75-round mid-cap magazine, but for a serious spray, you have the possibility to use a high-cap, 375-round winding magazine (now you’re talking!). You’ll know when you run out of BBs because the Smart Control Unit cuts the trigger off until you reload. For the trigger to work again, you have to press the bolt release.

Trigger response is quick and crisp due to the MOSFET system which allows you to pull the trigger as fast as you want.

carbine angle

Easy to Customize

Honestly, I love this feature on the EVO carbine! First, you can adjust the kick of the collapsible stock by changing the spring with a weaker one (the stock folds away and gives you quick access). This feature is called the Quick Change Spring and gives you the chance to play in two different positions: CQB or marksman.

Second, you have lots of space on the foregrip for a bigger battery – small battery compartment was the main problem of the previous versions.

Overall, the EVO 3 BET Carbine is an amazing AEG that deserves your attention! It is powerful, fast, and accurate.

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Krytac Kriss Vector AEG

Krytac Kriss Vector AEG

  • Futuristic look and bad-ass design
  • Power and accurate enough for CQB
  • Cool features
  • Designed for durability
  • Solid build
  • Can be improved with handguards or suppressors
  • Battery can’t be longer than 116mm
  • Quite pricey for a beginner

The Krytac Kriss Vector is back with a fresh, futuristic look and innovative internal design, which makes it one of the most interesting AEGs on the market! This is the GENII version of this gun, and comes with hot improvements, and a total change of power source (the GENI is a GBB).

Bad-Ass Design

The AEG is a fully-licensed Kriss Vector gun, which means you’ll see the markings on both the body and the front of the gun. It is also equipped with the GEN II folding stock and housing and low-profile flip-up iron sights (DEFIANCE licensed) with the front sight for height adjustment and the rear sight with two after-settings and adjustment for windage.

The cool thing is that you can make it look more aggressive by replacing the DEFIANCE flash hider with a suppressor as long as it fits the 14mm CCW thread! Other amazing controls I have to mention are the ambidextrous fire selector and safety, and the MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top and bottom rail systems.

KRISS Vector GEN II pivoting trigger

The gun is equipped with an electronic trigger that shoots as fast as you can. Even more, you have three fire modes: semi, two-round burst, and full auto to satisfy your spraying needs.

I also like the numbered rotary style adjustable Hop Up that clicks when you change the settings, thus allowing for precise adjustments. It’s easy to reach and it doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist in order to use it.  

High-quality Internals, Power, and Accuracy

Krytac second angle

According to tests, the Krytac Kriss Vector AEG shoots at about 350 FPS and it is impressively accurate. It does this using a 155mm long inner barrel, with a 6.05mm diameter and an 8mm VECTOR gearbox. I think you should also know that most of the gearbox elements are compatible with the Version 2 gearbox, except for the cylinder head and the two-part tappet plate.

A cool feature is that, after you finish shooting, if you pull the safety, the gun will release the spring tension, adding to the longevity of the gun. Of course, if something happens with the spring, there is a Quick Change Spring System that allows you to change the spring, by simply removing two pins.

The gun accepts 11.1v 1400mAh or lower LiPo battery, but the length cannot exceed 116mm. This limitation is valid because the battery is housed in the pistol grip (you can easily access it by removing the bottom cap of the grip). The battery powers up a Krytac 30K high torque, short type motor with neodymium magnets, which is what makes the Vector AEG so great.

Finally, the Vector AEG is equipped with two 95-round mid-cap magazines and temperature and wear-resistant bucking. This last feature makes it amazing for any winter gear! Overall, the Vector AEG is a cool gun to have in your kit and does an amazing job in any CQB situation.

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  • Sturdy build
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Collapsible stock 
  • High-cap magazines
  • Metal and ABS body
  • Feels lightweight and right in your hands
  • Rear wired
  • The butt plate is a bit difficult to remove and re-mount

With a modern spin on a classic gun, this M4 version with a 13-inches keymod rail system, features impressive internals.  The rifle has a fully metallic Version 2 gearbox (rear-wired), adjustable BAXS system hop up, and can fire at up to 350 FPS. It’s also one of the easiest CQB rifles to upgrade because the gearbox is compatible with Tokyo Marui and there are plenty of aftermarket parts for both the internals and the externals.

The externals are just as jaw-dropping, with a full metallic build for the lower and upper receiver! The keymod rail RIS system is fully equipped for all types of accessories and helps improve the grip and general weight of the gun. I also like the COLT licensing, which gives the rifle an authentic look, and the flip-up iron sights (adjustable for both windage and elevation) that allow for the installation of other optics using the Picatinny rail on top.

Adjustable Stock

The stock can be lenghtened or compressed as needed, and is housing the nunchuck battery (9.6V, NiMH). To get to the battery, you’ll have to remvove the butt plate (which is rubber) by pressing two small hooks that keep it attached to the body. 

Small tip: make sure you don’t lose sight of the butt plate if you have to change batteries in the field! It’s very easy to lose in the grass or other types of terrain! It’s also a bit finicky to fit back in, so try this at home first.

Impressive Performance

The modern COLT M4 comes equipped with two 350 BB Metal High Capacity Magazines and shoots at about 350FPS. Of course, the adjustable Hop Up allows the gun to be accurate for a CQB situation. Even more, there are two firing modes: Semi Auto and Full Auto.

Overall, the COLT M4A1 is a breath of fresh air in the airsoft world as it comes with a compact and light design, it performs amazingly well, and it is quite bad-ass on the field.

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mosin nagant m44

  • Beautiful design
  • Impressive power and accuracy
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Perfect replica of the real-steel M44
  • Powerful bolt action
  • Heavy and long for a beginner
  • The bayonet can be dangerous on the field

As the perfect replica of the real-steel M44 used in WW2, the airsoft version comes with and ABS body that imitates wood color and texture extremely well, steel and aluminum parts, and it features a stunning, fresh look on the airsoft field. I am sure you know the design from war-oriented movies and so many video games, but it’s a whole new experience to actually hold it in your hands. To make the experience more realistic, you can attach a sling to it, as it comes equipped with two sling points and two different straps (canvas and leather). We love this classic, and that’s why it gets our nod as one of the best airsoft guns on the market.

A spring bolt action battle rifle with an included bayonet

Because it is a battle rifle, with realistic dimensions, you can’t expect it to be lightweight. The gun weighs about 8.2 pounds and it doesn’t have a foldable stock! It also features two adjustable sights on top of the barrel, meaning you can use them in both lowered and raised positions (when it’s raised, the sight can be adjusted).

The 12-round metallic magazine is small and cute (unlike most of the modern airsoft weapons) and the mag release button is right above the trigger. This way, you can’t hit it by mistake and it’s not too difficult to reach. There is an adjustable Hop Up that comes in handy when you need to account for variations in wind conditions or target range.

Impressive Performance on the Field

No, it won’t spray the BBs, but it does shoot them at about 480 FPS, with high-precision accuracy (at 40m+).  However, you have to be prepared for some heavy bolt action, especially if the gun is new. You can use the sights for aiming, but for long distances, I recommend getting a decent scope.

Overall, the WinGun managed to replicate a wonderfully beautiful battle rifle and they did a fantastic job with both the internal and the exterior!

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  • Close to its real-steel version
  • Beautiful in design
  • Solid build
  • Accurate and powerful
  • Lots of space for accessories
  • It’s not the most popular AK model on the market
  • The design may be too aggressive for some players

LCT boasts with one of the most realistic AKs on the market, right now. To make the experience as real as possible, they kept the nylon fiber handguard, pistol grip, and stock (just like with the real-steel version) and the rest of the body is all steel. As you can imagine, such materials aren’t lightweight so the final rifle is quite heavy in your hands. However, if you know what you’re doing, this is a wonderful, durable weapon.

Solid build, designed to take quite a beating

Now, if you didn’t know there’s a battery inside the stock powering this gun, you may be inclined to believe this is the real deal. The body is beautifully designed to be rugged and stiff, giving it a manly appearance.

The battery is easy to reach, by simply removing the top side of the receiver, and you can easily fit one 8.4 or 9.6 NIMH stick-style in there. 

Finally, the gun comes equipped with a multi-position LE style stock, that allows anyone to use it in a CQB situation. The move from one position to another is fluid, and the rifle feels quite nice in your hands.

Impressive Features

I like the fact that LCT decided to provide players with lots of space on the rails (you have uppe and lower rails, but some elements can be mounted on the side as well), which means you can add a scope. Also, the internal gearbox is high-quality with good wiring, and the gun makes quite a nice sound.

The gun comes with one metal 130 mid cap AK style magazine and shoots at about 12 BBs per second. Also, it’s easy to take apart (just like an AK would be) and the build is extremely solid.

Good Performance and Value

The LCT AK-104 AEG is powerful (about 450 FPS) and accurate. Overall, it is a nice range AEG that will definitely improve your collection!

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KWC Desert Eagle

desert eagle airsoft

  • Bad-ass design
  • Impressive performance
  • Amazing recoil
  • Heavy and fun to hold
  • Very loud
  • Big gas consumer
  • Big grip (not for small hands)
  • Hop Up is difficult to reach

Are you looking for an amazing backup airsoft gun? The Desert Eagle GBB pistol may be just the one for you! With kick-ass recoil, realistic disassembly, and a historic appearance in The Matrix, this pistol will blow your mind!

The hand cannon – a bulky, brute-like design

While it may look like the biggest handgun on the airsoft field (and it actually is), the Desert Eagle follows a real-steel design, designed by Magnum Research. So there is a real handgun out there that is just as big and loud! Now, because KWC re-created the pistol for airsoft players, you can be sure it will have all the necessary markings, which makes it really appealing.

The airsoft version is powered by CO2 and it’s not created for the faint of heart (or small hands). Because of the fully-traveling slide, the gun packs a huge kick and you risk dropping it if the grip isn’t right.

A full-metal body & a fantastic audio presence

The all-metal body is the reason why this is one of the best airsoft pistols around (except the plastic side panels on the grip). Of course, all that metal produces a wonderful sound when you release the slide and cock it; almost like a real weapon. The even cooler thing is that the slide goes back as much as the real-steel version does – this happens because the pistol needs all that power to create that core-shaking recoil.

The pistol is equipped with a 21-round drop-free CO2 magazine that’s easy to remove and reload. However, you will notice that the adjustable Hop Up is quite difficult to reach.

Great Performance

Yes, it is a beast! The pistol shoots at about 390 FPS and it is accurate. You can use the iron sights placed on top of the barrel to aim, but you must also be prepared for a huge-size grip and a heavy pistol. So, if you’re not used to handling such heavy weaponry, it may take some adjustment.

Overall, this is a big gun, with lots of power and sound and I wouldn’t recommend it in an airsoft game. It’s great for plinking, target practice, or just some good old fun, and it does offer a fantastic experience to anyone who can grip it.

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  • ABS body and metal G&G gearbox
  • Powerful & great on full auto
  • Lightweight and easy to grip by people with small hands
  • Interesting design
  • 300-round high-cap magazine
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • It is too compact to use for corners

This is a rather unique configuration in the airsoft world as it features a super-compact style. The short quad rail foregrip makes a fantastic fit for CQB situations and the impressive features make it a must-have on the airsoft field.

Pretty cool design

While it may be compact, the gun is still designed with taste and elegance. The foregrip and upper rail give it a rugged, mean look but they also improve the level of comfort and number of accessories you can mount.

The pistol grip is not wide (it is comfortable though), which makes the ARP9 a good fit for young and inexperienced players. The 6-position adjustable LE stock and polymer body make it easy to handle in a CQB situation, and the flippable front and rear sights help with your aim.

 The famous G&G gearbox

The full-metal G&G gearbox is well-known among airsofters for its reliability and solid design, but the cool thing is that the ARP9 allows you to build on it. I also like that the rifle supports a backup battery (in case the one in use runs out) and the adjustable Hop Up, which makes your life a little easier.

With this super-compact rifle, you have the possibility to choose between semi and full auto fire modes, and you can get to 330-340 FPS due to the high torque motor. 

Adjustable stock & High-cap magazine

The stock deserves a mention of its own and I’ll start by saying that the 6 positions make this CQB rifle a fantastic fit for all types of players, from young ones to big ones. The stock also houses the battery compartment. 

Overall, the ARP9 is lightweight, but you should know it packs a serious punch. Finally, the high-cap magazine makes it a beast in the field, and increases your chances at winning.

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VFC Avalon Saber CQB

vfc avalon saber cqb

  • Powerful
  • Good accuracy
  • Great sight system
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Collapsible stock
  • Nice trigger
  • Lots of room for accessories
  • Easy to upgrade
  • 120 round mid-cap magazine
  • Battery is not included in the package

If you’re looking for a unique-looking weapon with an interesting design that also performs amazingly the VFC Avalon Saber AEG is perfect for you.

Bad-ass Design

The uniqueness of the design stands in the M-LOK style front rail, which gives the rifle a bad-ass look in the field. I also like the Picatinny rail that goes up to the metal receiver, increasing the space available for accessories. The rail also has flip-up iron ears (the front and rear sights) and ambidextrous rear sling mount. 

Finally, a design feature worth mentioning is the trigger. It has a small hook in the end that allows you to shoot faster, and there is small serration all along the front side that gives you more control. Not to mention that it is shaped like a lightning bolt – how much more badass can you get?      

Still, I also have to let you know that the trigger guard is small and someone with big hands, wearing gloves, may have problems with this aspect.

Spring-loaded collapsible stock

The QRS stock is sturdy and easy to use, and the spring is a fantastic feature! You’ll also find the battery compartment stashed away in the stock and it can accommodate several types of batteries (either a 9.6v nun chuck battery or an 11.1v LIPO battery)

Powerful & Accurate

The VFC Avalon Saber shoots at around 380-390 FPS, which is impressive enough. This is an advanced airsoft weapon so you’ll also find an adjustable rotary Hop Up that’s easy to reach and adjust. The gun is nice to hold when you’re shooting, due to the front rail, and it performs well out of the box.

Finally, if you’re not sold by the design, you should know that the rail system can be easily swapped. Overall, this is an impressive performer, with good grip, lots of power, and it’s easy to use even by beginners.   

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GLOCK Gen 4 G17


  • Realistic design & weight
  • Good blowback action
  • Metallic parts
  • Accessories rail
  • Powerful & Accurate
  • Fantastic sidearm
  • Extra magazines can be a bit expensive

This semi-auto gas blowback Glock comes as a loyal replica of its Austrian real steel counterpart. This means that it is fully licensed by Glock, and it works, feels and takes apart like the real deal. The design is simple yet powerful and the action is reliable (which is why so many military and law enforcement agencies use the real steel version).

Besides the realistic design and weight, the airsoft Glock Gen 4 G17 has a nice blowback motion to it. Furthermore, for players to be able to enjoy that blowback to the maximum, the grip is specially designed to improve usage. The standard option helps reduce player fatigue and fits comfortably in most palms. Still, if you’re not happy, you have the option to change it.

I’m sure you’ll love the full metal slide and the realistic cocking sound. Also, the magazine is metallic, and the overall weight and size is designed to fit the real specifications. So, you can use a holster designed for a real steel Glock.

You can even add some accessories, using the rail underneath the barrel. Overall, the pistol is accurate and powerful (300 FPS), but it also has an adjustable hop-up system. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy the trigger action, which is crisp and highly responsive.

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  • Standard design and easy to hold and pump
  • Powered by green gas
  • It’s amazing for cover fire
  • It is powerful and fast
  • Adjustable stock
  • Hop Up is fixed

I couldn’t have ended the series without bringing up at least one shotgun, could I? I chose the JAG ARMS SCATTERGUN TSS gas powered LE shotgun with side saddle because it packs quite a punch and has three inner barrels for when you want to lay waste on your enemies.

Cool Design

The design is standard in the airsoft world, with a metallic build and plastic pump, but it’s nice to know that this shotgun is powered by green gas. This makes the pump action a lot more interesting, and the shotgun sound will be a lot more satisfying.

The top of the shotgun is equipped with a icatinny/weaver rail and has default sights, but since we’re talking about a shotgun with 3 to 6-shot firing options, the sights don’t make much sense. 

Great for Cover Fire

Given the fact that you have 28 BB Shotgun Shells Included and that you can use the side saddle and the lower barrel for storage, this shotgun is great for cover fire. Not to mention that there are three barrels that shoot simultaneously – you can only imagine the spread it is capable of. The shotgun can shoot at about 330FPS, in  Burst Firing Mode, and can hold a consistent spread until you run out of BBs. 

Overall, the JAG ARMS SCATTERGUN TSS it is powerful and inflicts a lot of damage, so make sure you use it responsibly!

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Umarex HK45CT

Umarex HK45CT Airsoft Pistol

  • Great as a backup gun
  • Impressive recoil
  • Powerful and good accuracy
  • You can add accessories
  • Feels good in your hands
  • Grip is not fantastic
  • Sights are a bit low profile
  • Trigger action needs some getting used to

Small, beefy, and angry – these are the first adjectives that come to mind when you first lay your eyes on the HK 45CT from Umarex. This tiny but heavy beast works with Green and/or Top gas and shoots at about 320 FPS, using a 21-round magazine.

Kick-ass features that perfectly fit the reputation

The HK 45CT already has a reputation in the field, and if you take a look at its features, you’ll know why. First, the upper receiver is full-metal (the lower frame is high-end polymer) and the body is fully licensed to make it look as realistic as possible.

The Tri Dot sights are very useful, but you can add a pointer laser using the short front rail. There’s also the possibility to adjust the Hop Up using just a key (no disassembly required). Finally, all the controls are ambidextrous, which is a really nice touch.

I like that you can add a 14mm CCW suppressor to make it look more aggressive (if you feel the need). But, I also think you should know the grip is not as textured as I’d want it to be; but with a pair of gloves this won’t be a problem. The same goes for the serrations on the aluminium slide (they are quite shallow and don’t offer too much grip).

Good ergonomics, smooth action, impressive recoil

Overall, the HK 45CT is an impressive airsoft pistol. It fits just right in your hands, the parts move amazingly smooth, and it kicks a very nice blowback action. However, it has a weak point: the trigger. It travels long and it feels squishy which may trip your firing routine. But don’t let this trample you! If you want this gun, it takes a bit of practice with the trigger, but it still fires fast and accurately at over 320 FPS.

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So there you have it! Our master list of the best airsoft guns for 2019. Please let us know if you have any alternative suggestions or weapons you’ve found superior to those on this list and we’ll gladly take them into consideration.

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Photo credit: Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels