Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle: 2020’s Expert Buying Guide

by Liam | Last updated 18th November, 2019 | Posted in Airsoft Guides
Whether you’re an airsoft newbie, a mom or dad looking to buy the best airsoft sniper rifle for your kid, or a veteran trying to learn more about snipers; you’ve found the #1 best airsoft sniper rifle buyers guide on the interwebs!

best airsoft sniper rifle

Verdict: The best all round airsoft sniper is the Well L96. By a whisker, it delivers the best performance, build quality and accuracy.

My name is Liam & I’ve been playing airsoft for over a decade. Let me share my expertise and save you hundreds of dollars, many headaches and hours of your time!

Buying an awesome airsoft sniper rifle shouldn’t be a regretful experience, ending with buyers remorse. Check out my recommendations below and join the ranks of an airsoft expert!

Best Airsoft Sniper

In a Hurry? Check out my top 3 airsoft snipers in the table below. Continue reading if you’re looking for in-depth reviews, or check out our wide selection of airsoft sniper rifles in store.

Each of these rifles will give you the ability to reach out and touch someone, the features table below should help you decide which is the ideal rifle for you.

Lancer Tactical
Top Pick Top Pick Top Pick
480 FPS with 0.20g BB's 430 FPS with 0.20g BB's 440 FPS with 0.20g BB's
All Plastic w/ Metal Parts All Plastic w/ Metal Parts All Plastic w/ Metal Parts
24rds Magazine Capacity 25rds Magazine Capacity 15rds Magazine Capacity
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Well MB4410 Review

This is a full-powered bolt action airsoft gun, allowing you to fire at up to 430 FPS. This sniper is a great performer, getting all the fundamentals right. It has an aluminum outer barrel, four Picatinny rails, and it combines power, accuracy, and quality.

The MB4410 from WellFire has the potential to live up to the performance of a much more expensive sniper rifle. After set-up, the rifle fires cleanly and accurately due to the adjustable cheek rest and 4-16x50mm illuminated variable zoom scope. There’s certainly potential for a skilled sniper to hit some crack shots over 250 feet, with 0.20g or 0.28g BBs.

The rifle comes in two colors, OD green & black, and features a metallic bolt and foldable bipod (for increased stability).

The body is constructed from weatherproof ABS (a composite plastic) but all the important parts are metal, including the barrel, trigger, bolt handle, magazine release, bipod and sling mounts. A one-piece precision aluminum barrel is not just more durable, but will also improve the accuracy of your marksmanship. The included stock hop-up is sturdy and adjustable. This is a big help in increasing the precision of your shots with different weights of BB. 

The large, tactical frame also minimizes recoil. At around 7.4lbs, this sniper is heavy enough to feel extremely solid and sturdy in your hands but not too heavy for teenagers and young adults.

A bolt action spring powered (‘springer’) rifle comes with several advantages. Springers react better to different weather conditions and are quieter, perfect if you’re lying low in the rough. They also better mimic the feeling of a real steel effect. So, if you believe that you might be playing airsoft in sub-optimal conditions, a springer will be a reliable choice. Springers don’t suffer adverse effects in the same way that an electrical might freeze up or a gas piston may start leaking. You also won’t have to worry about charging batteries or bringing spare batteries to the field.

The downside is that the bolt-action cocking mechanism means that you must manually cock your gun each and every time you want to fire a shot but, as a sniper, this is a limited downside. The first few shots will be pretty loud but this sniper really begins to quieten after the first dozen shots.

The package includes a sling, speed loader, scope, bipod, and cleaning rod, so you can start using it the moment you get it out of the box. 

Also, due to the four Picatinny mounting rail systems, the rifle has a strong level of customizability for attaching your choice of optics. We’d recommend that you may want to upgrade the scope as you start to polish your sniping skills, but it’s perfectly fine as a starter option. The same goes for the bipod; perfectly fine as a starting option but easily upgradeable. Some people have reported minor issues with the mount, but this is a pretty basic fix with inventive use of tape.

There are a couple of very minor problems with this sniper rifle, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. For instance, the barrel has a black matte finish that is prone to scratching. This may not bother you or you may want to pick up a sleek camo wrap to protect it.

If you’re in the market for a sniper rifle, the WELL MB4410 is my number one choice! The rifle looks and feels fantastic and you’re not going to get a much better combination of quality, looks and performance under the $200 mark. Most importantly, the MB4410 will consistently deliver clean, accurate shots.

Verdict:This is a sniper rifle that offers pro performance for a SUPER reasonable price.

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AGM L96 AWP Sniper


The AGM L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle is modelled after the military equivalent and is a popular option given its price. It has a 2 piece construction and is easy to put together. Shooting at 450 FPS (feet per second) and a 30 round magazine, this is a tough and reliable gun for any serious player.

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JG BAR-10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The JG BAR-10 Bolt Action Airsoft Gun is a great starter for those looking to get used to sniping. It has a lightweight feel, which is down to a durable polymer construction.

It’s one of the better options out there right now in terms of quality and price. It comes with an attached rear sight which can be easily removed.

Key stats – 470 FPS (feet per second) and a 30 round magazine, this bolt action rifle shoots great.

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ASG M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle

This sportline edition of the ASG McMillan M40A3 spring-powered bolt action sniper rifle has a rugged design and well-defined edges that speak of power and durability. The rifle can shoot at around 450 FPS (using 0.20g BBs) and the polymer body makes it lightweight and reliable regardless of conditions on the field.

The fixed stock helps with maneuverability and there is even an adjustable cheek riser that lets you use the scope without having to adjust your shooting position too much. Furthermore, the rifle features an adjustable hop-up to customize for range and accuracy, and there is a Picatinny rail for all sorts of tactical accessories.

Finally, the rifle features a metallic bolt and barrel assembly and, due to its spring construction, it doesn’t pose any power issues on the field. This means that, as long as the 27 rounds magazine is loaded, the rifle will work regardless of weather or temperature.

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Well SR-2 Review

Well SR-02 Airsoft Sniper

The Well SR-2 sniper rifle is a beauty. It has a sleek, all black matte weatherproof design, crafted precision metal barrel and feels just right. It’s capable of 475 FPS and an effective range of up to 200 feet. I believe that if you’re an expert sniper who takes the time to zero in, you could push the SR-2 to nearly 250 feet, similar to the UTG M96.

The SR-2 resembles an assault rifle and sniper rifle mash up. One of the major selling points of the Well SR-2 sniper rifle is that it has a much smaller and lighter profile than many of the other sniper rifles on the market. This gives you more flexibility out in the field to move around and reposition. At just 4.4lbs (unloaded) or around 5.3lbs with scope and bipod, that’s light enough to chuck it in a pack and get on the move.

In terms of the look and feel of the gun, the Well SR-2 delivers. The retractable LE style stock, pistol grip and trigger are all AR-15 style. If you’re usually an assault rifle kind of person, the familiar pistol grip is a helpful step to improving your sniping skills. There’s also an adjustable hop up, allowing you to fiddle with the amount of backspin of your BB and therefore adjust the trajectory of your shots; a standard & useful feature.

The SR-2 also ticks all the boxes with customizability. It’s available to buy with a sturdy bipod and scope, mounted on a picatinny rail mount. This means that there’s room to upgrade your optics in the future so you’re not limiting your sniper progression. If you’re interested in future custom upgrades, the SR-2 uses APS / Type 96 systems meaning there’s good compatibility for future customization.

As you’d expect with a quality airsoft sniper rifle, the main internals are metal. The barrel is a tuned, precision aluminium. If you’re investing in a sniper, it’s well worth paying the extra for a metal barrel as it can make a lot of difference to the accuracy of your shots. It’s a far more important consideration than barrel length.

But don’t let the SR-2’s lightness deceive you. This sniper still packs a serious punch, at an average of 475FPS and the kind of accuracy you’d expect from a more expensive airsoft sniper. It shoots hard, it shoots accurately, and it shoots quietly. The lightness means that it is a little more sensitive to the weight of ammo; .20g or .28g should do the trick.

The scope here is a 3-9×32 zooming tool, and is surprisingly good for an included scope. It’s constructed from high quality glass and metal, but lacks anything to focus with. They also throw in a speed reloader.

Again, the Well sniper is a fully spring loaded machine. That means all the benefits mentioned above; reliability and versatility in different weather conditions.  The SR-2’s bolt action is nice and smooth, minimizing disruption in between shots.

The MB06 SR-2 is a very solid sniper rifle which looks and feels amazing. For me, the reason it comes second best is that it suffers from some slight reliability issues with the magazines. This, of course, is easily alleviated by picking up a spare mag to go with the sniper.

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Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine



This is a beautiful spring powered, bolt-action rifle that can shoot up to 400 FPS using .20 BBs and above. This means that you won’t need any alternative power source (like a battery or gas) because the rifle is powered by a spring. However, this also means you will need to cock it for each shot by pulling the bolt back.

It is recommended for beginners because it is sturdy and the accuracy level is quite high, especially if you pair it with a good scope. To adjust the accuracy of your BBs, you have the possibility to adjust the hop-up from Normal to Hop (placed on the top of the gun), and the safety is easy to reach with your thumb while you’re holding the rifle.

The gun is ready to use from the box (some assembly required) and it is delivered with a sling, a speed loader, and Picatinny rails for scope and sight mounting (one on top and one at the bottom). However, you should know that the sling mounts are plastic and quite cheap so they may break off easily. Otherwise, the body is designed with durable ABS plastic and the barrel is metal.

I don’t really like that there’s more plastic than metal in this gun, but the construction is sturdy and, with a good bipod and scope, the accuracy is spot on. As you can expect, the magazine is plastic too so I recommend avoiding any accidental drops on concrete or stepping on it by mistake. The GF529 uses the same magazine loading system as the UTG Airsoft Gen 5 so it’s easy to press the release button by accident.

You can use a speed loader to speed up the loading process, but when it comes to the types of BBs used, I recommend ditching the .20 BBs that come with the gun. The lighter BBs will tend to curve to the left or right after about 30 feet, but if you use 0.25 or 0.28 BBs the projectile will keep a straighter trajectory.

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When it comes to ease of use, the GF529 sniper rifle is perfect for both beginners and advanced users. The bolt is easy to pull back (which is great for younger kids). Still, this is a realistic replica of a real sniper rifle so new players should break it in before starting a game, to get used to the length. On the other hand, because of the ABS body, the gun is lightweight and quite silent so you don’t have to worry about not having any upper body strength.

I love the sound it makes when you cock it and the fact that it’s quite easy to shoot. The butt plate does a great job when you shoot from standing position, but it is just as useful for when you shoot using the bipod.

The reloading process is pretty straightforward, but you’ll notice that, if you remove the battery before it is empty, one BB will always fall out. Also, you may experience some jamming problems if you don’t know how to mount the mag the right way.

You should also know that the gun is fully upgradeable using VSR-10 parts, which is also one of the reasons I think this to be so great. Basically, you have the possibility to build an advanced sniper rifle starting with the default body, which is quite affordable. If you’re not sure what an upgrade can do, you should know that, after the upgrade, your GF529 will be capable of shooting at 425+ FPS with .20BBs. Now that’s impressive power!

At the end of the day, the GameFace GF529 is a nice-looking rifle, with cool features, and a fantastic potential for upgrade. I definitely would recommend it to a beginner who wants to make sure they like sniping as it allows you to grow as you make the upgrades.

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Lancer Tactical M82 .50-CAL

This spring-powered sniper rifle is a full-size replica of the iconic M82 Barrett 50-caliber, which was used by the US forces in recent armed conflicts. This provides the rifle with an extra touch of authenticity and makes the experience a bit more interesting. 

The frame is made from a durable polymer material, which keeps the rifle light and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, the barrel assembly is metallic, providing a healthy weight and ruggedness to the entire model. The rifle also features three sling mount rings, that come in handy during transport since this is quite a massive airsoft weapon (55.1 inches in length). 

The spring that powers the shooting mechanism is strong and manages to impress a muzzle velocity of around 430 FPS on the BBs. The high speed and the long barrel are supported by an extensive Picatinny rail and an integrated bipod, thus making the rifle accurate even for long-range targets. 

Overall, this M82 is comfortable and doesn’t cause player fatigue, in spite of its massive design. This is due to the well-designed pistol grip and ergonomic fixed stock that allows players to rest the rifle against the shoulder. Furthermore, loading/reloading is done quickly and smoothly due to the drop-free mid-capacity magazine (25 rounds) and speed loader. 

Lastly, the rifle is easy to customize to your needs due to the adjustable hop-up unit and impressive rail system. 

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The role of a sniper is not easy, but a good rifle can turn things around. For instance, this MB13 platform is the ideal spring-powered sniper rifle for beginners and advanced players. It is accurate, has great range, and comes with a 3-9x zoom scope and a bipod!

The body is made from durable polymer, so it’s easy to move it around when you have to change the sooting position. Still, the important elements like the barrel, bolt, and bipod, are fully metallic to withstand any sort of field. 

While some spring rifles feature a stiffer bolt action, you don’t have to worry about this one. The metallic bolt is easy to pull back and cock, which makes the rifle perfect for beginners. Furthermore, the adjustable hop-up unit lets you customize the BBs trajectory according to current conditions, and the stock is adjustable to fit your needs. 

Overall, the MB13 is a powerful sniper rifle (480 FPS with 0.20g BBs), with a large trigger guard and a beautiful profile. 

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The MB08 rifle features a solid design with a body made from durable ABS plastic that holds its own in time (it doesn’t get scratched or damaged easily). While it is rather long, the side-folding stock with thumbhole makes it easier to maneuver on the field. 

The rifle also comes with a bipod and a built-in rear monopod for increased accuracy and stability while taking aim. Of course, the adjustable hop-up unit and included 3-9×40 scope also help with hitting the target just right. 

If you use 0.20g BBs, then you’ll be shooting at an approximate muzzle velocity of 480 FPS, which suggests a pretty powerful bolt action. Lastly, the MB08 is designed with comfort in mind, so it also features a cheek raiser and rubberized butt plate for a more comfortable fit. 

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The Ameoba AS-01 Striker charms airsoft players everywhere with a sleek and elegant design. The rifle has a fixed stock (made from reinforced nylon polymer), features an aluminum CNC machined barrel assembly, and promotes a fluted metal outer barrel. But underneath these beautiful lines and materials, you’ll find a reliable platform that promotes power and accuracy. 

While many players would stay away from a simple spring-powered design, the AS-01 Striker makes it look attractive. It does so by promoting a quick spring change system that lets you adjust the FPS as needed. Also, the 45BBs magazine comes with a loaded chamber indicator, which is unique on the market. 

Furthermore, the easy to adjust hop-up dial lets you zero in every shot while the Picatinny/Weaver RIS rail system lets you install optics and other useful accessories. Overall, this is a gorgeous bolt action sniper rifle that can be customized per each player’s preferences. 

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If you’re looking for a classic design that is both powerful and reliable, the M40A5 is an ideal candidate. Designed according to the standard sniper platform used by the US Marine Corps, this 1:1 replica is fully licensed and looks very realistic.

The body is made from a durable and textured polymer but the barrel assembly with all its components (bolt, trigger, barrel, and more) are metallic. The stock is fixed and features an adjustable cheek rest and rubberized butt plate to help improve your aim. On the same note, there is also a Picatinny rail that lets players add the optics of their choice (works with most mounting systems). 

The rifle is powerful (shoots at 443 FPS with 0.20g BBs) and uses Green Gas as the main propellent (it needs to be at room temperature). Moreover, each shot can be right on target due to the adjustable hop-up unit and the 15 round metallic magazine.

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ThisTokyo Marui design is a full- size L96 bolt action rifle made from a rugged polymer material and supported by a metal receiver and barrel assembly. Moreover, the polymer grip is comfortable and helps provide players with optimal rifle maneuverability, while the fixed stock has an adjustable cheek riser and rubberized butt pad for maximum comfort.

Since this is a replica of the real-steel counterpart, it comes with the same loading system and 40 round metal magazine as the real-steel version. This makes the entire experience a bit more authentic, and the rifle more reliable. 

In terms of performance, this L96 version can shoot at around 300 FPS and features an adjustable hop-up unit and a full-length precision bore inner barrel for excellent range and accuracy. Lastly, the 20mm Picatinny rail on the top of the rifle is perfect for your favorite scope or dot sight! 

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Best All-rounder Sniper

Well L96 Sniper Rifle

Well L96 Airsoft Sniper

Ultimately, if we had to choose the best airsoft sniper rifle based on all of the different factors, this would be the winner. The Well MB01 L96 is an extremely solid sniper choice, and one that is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Well have done a great job with combining a sturdy ABS body with a powerful, precise metal barrel.

This L96 airsoft replica is based on the reel steel design of the L96 Arctic Warfare Police Sniper, created by Accuracy International (a British company). Even more, the reel steel gun is still in use by British and the German military so you can see your airsoft sniper in action in real life. As with any successful replica, Well have mimicked the weight and feel of the real gun, which means that the Well L96 weighs in at a manageable 5.5 lbs.

As yet another L96 replica, Well have successfully mimicked the weight and feel of a real Arctic Warfare Police sniper. The Well L96 weighs in at a manageable 5.5 lbs.

You may recognize the distinctive design from Counter Strike or Call of Duty but the L96 actually has a fascinating history. It was designed for snipers who would have to wait for days in harsh Arctic conditions. It was important that the sniper rifle could withstand the conditions and did not freeze at the all-important moment. The sniper was specially adapted for marksmen wearing thick gloves and had heavy-duty internal mechanisms.

There are a couple of noticeable cost compromises in the build of the MB01. The ABS body is solid, but slightly shiny, lacking the matte-black finish of its competitors. Another thing I would change is having a metal trigger unit, not a plastic one. However, the shape and actual feel of the sniper in your hands trumps any disappointment with the slightly “meh” finish. It’s also a great sniper for beginners because of the light weight and design that promotes a set of basic features you want to get accustomed to before you spend more money on an advanced model. First, the body has slingshots on both sides so you can mount the sling as you need it (on the right or on the left). Next, you can mount two different types of bipods on this gun: a hairstyle bipod mounted on the back or a frontal one (the gun has a detach button that can be used).

It comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from any good quality sniper rifle. The cheek rest and butt plates are fully adjustable (although you will need a special key to adjust the butt plate). It also features an adjustable hop-up on the bottom of the body. This allows you to look down the sight while adjusting the hop-up, which is a nice feature for beginners. The pistol grip is comfortable and a good fit for lefties, and the rubberised butt plates are also noticeably secure. Finally, the Well L96 is also equipped with a rail that allows you to attach scopes and sights for better aim (a great feature for beginners). 

The impressive metal magazine holds 25 rounds, and feeding issues are rare. The package also includes a speed loader, which is slightly flimsy but ultimately effective.

Although it ticks all the physical boxes, the Well L96 unfortunately does not quite manage to replicate the polished, immaculate look of a higher-level model.

In terms of performance, this is a very good sniper with an effective 430 FPS rate. Testing of effective range shows it to max out at around the 170-200 feet region. The sniper rifle benefits a lot from diligent set-up, but it won’t be long before you reach an impressive performance level with .28g BBs.

The brass barrel is nice and tight, improving accuracy. The bolt action pull is nice and smooth and the MB01 fires cleanly and consistently.

The sniper also comes with a starter scope and bipod. These are in a similar vein to competitors; fine for a stock unit but ripe for an upgrade.  

The Well L96 also really shines with customizability. Once you catch the sniper bug and consider the options for upgrading your sniper, you’ll be pleased with the options available. The Well L96 has a lot of potential to get even better. It may not be as polished as the UTG Shadow Ops or the Well SR-2, but is still an extremely capable sniper rifle.

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Buying a sniper is an awesome opportunity to get the chance to try a different role in your airsoft team. Again, we’ll repeat the caveat that you shouldn’t buy a sniper as a beginner’s first gun, but an airsoft sniper rifle is a fascinating addition to any experienced player’s arsenal. It will help you to develop your marksmanship and think more carefully about game and team strategy.

Make sure you check out our detailed sniper section of our comprehensive airsoft guide for more information about airsoft snipers. We’ve also just launched a new guide on sniping for those of you interested in taking up this stealthy role.

Psst! Looking for the optimal airsoft assault rifle for a day on the fields? Check out my comprehensive guide on the best airsoft guns now!

With that in mind, any of these guns are great buys. However, I encourage you to splash out on the UTG. It’s a borderline pro-level sniper at a very intermediate price. With plenty of room for customizability, the UTG will blossom into a one of a kind awesome sniper rifle!

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