Best Cheap Airsoft Guns – 2023’s Buying Guide for Budget Friendly Guns

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Are you passionate about airsoft, but your budget doesn’t allow you access to high-end weapons? Don’t worry about it; many players are in your position all over the world.

To help you guys out, I’ve created a list of the best cheap airsoft guns that still bring quality and reliability in spite of their low cost.

cheap airsoft guns

Which are the Best Cheap Airsoft Guns?

The solution is to know how to find good weapons that fit your budget. I know it sounds more like a unicorn hunt, but have a look at the guide I put together for you. The weapons below are of good quality and would make even some advanced players happy.

In my guide, I selected weapons that fit any budget in the range of $25 to $200, so you can have your pick. If you’re in a hurry, the table below shows my 3 favorite pistols for various price ranges.

Elite Force 1911 Pistol Umarex Walther P99 Combat Zone Enforcer
Popular 1911 CO2 blowback pistol Made famous by the James Bond movies Small and lightweight CO2 pistol
Elite Force 1911 Airsoft Pistol Gun Umarex walther pistol Umarex enforcer pistol

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Why You Should Trust Me

I got my first airsoft gun when I was 15 and have been playing regularly ever since. So, I have over a decade of airsoft playing experience, during which I’ve used a wide range of rifles, pistols, and shotguns. As a result, I am familiar with the multitude of platforms, designs, and configurations, and I love playing with the new guns that show up each season.

I’m also an active participant in the online airsoft community and like to connect with players from all over the world. Moreover, I follow and keep in touch with some of the most important manufacturers to make sure my airsoft knowledge is up to date.

How I Selected and Tested the Best Cheap Airsoft Guns

For this guide, I used the price as the main factor, but I tried to find good quality products that feel sturdy in your hands and shoot accurately. I also wanted to find airsoft guns that are powerful (between 200 and 350 FPS) and can be upgraded, in case you want to get them to the next level with accessories or by replacing internal pieces. And, of course, I paid close attention to the design of the gun since I know it’s not fun to play with a generic-looking rifle or pistol (a shotgun is always impressive, in my point of view).

Best Guns Under $200

For this category, I selected the top three guns in the $100 – $200 price range that you should try.

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3

Elite Force 1911 Airsoft Pistol Gun


  • Type: CO2 Blowback
  • Power: 345-370 FPS
  • Magazine: 14 rounds CO2
  • BBs: 0.20g

I couldn’t have done a top ‘best airsoft guns under $200’ without including a cool backup pistol, could I? The Elite Force 1911 Tac is a fantastic addition to your arsenal and I recommend it to anyone looking to have a more realistic shooting experience.

The pistol is full-metal so you can imagine it is pretty heavy, but it feels amazing in your hand. I’m not too crazy about the grip – it has some texture, but the front side is straight. Still, it feels comfortable in your hand and you have easy access to the ambidextrous controls.

I like the 14mm CCW threaded barrel tip as it allows you to add a suppressor and the fact that the barrel follows the 6mm standard. I use it with .20g BBs and the accuracy and power are amazing. For improved accuracy, the pistol is equipped with white dotted front and rear sights and an adjustable Hop-up system. Also, the powerful recoil spring makes every shot feel amazing!  

In terms of design, the pistol comes in several variations of color (black, grey, stainless, and black/ dark earth brown) and has authentic Elite Force 1911 trademarks engraved on each side of the barrel. It also allows for accessories to be added due to the bottom rail.

Finally, the pistol is effective in a 10 to 90 feet range and comes with a 14 rounds CO2 magazine. In my opinion, this is a solid backup airsoft gun, with a solid build, that will offer you some amazing moments on the field!

  • Full metal body and good weight
  • Great accuracy and range
  • 6mm barrel, .20g BBs
  • Adjustable Hop-up and powerful recoil spring
  • Solid build
  • Not effective in cold weather
  • Doesn’t come with a CO2 cartridge
  • Powerful blowback (problematic for beginners)



  • Type: Gas Blowback (green gas or propane)
  • Power: 300 FPS
  • Magazine: 20 rounds metallic mag
  • BBs: 0.20g

This gun looks and feels amazing in your hands since it is a realistic replica of the real-steel design. Moreover, it comes with authentic Glock trademarks, which make it even more impressive. 

The Gen 4 G17 Glock comes with a very comfortable grip that fits well in most player’s hands and ensures the pistol won’t slip away from your hands. Next, the slide release is easy to operate and the slider moves back with every shot you take, creating a strong blowback effect.

Under the barrel, you’ll find an accessory rail that allows for a flashlight or a laser, to improve your aim and visibility. 

Overall the G17 pistol is a nice addition to any player’s collection since it is durable (due to the metallic elements) and can shoot in semi-automatic mode. 

  • Metal slide that’s smooth 
  • Full-sized metallic magazine (20 rounds) 
  • Small accessory rail underneath the barrel
  • It works with Green Gas and propane
  • Realistic blowback action
  • Blowback action may not be best for beginners
  • The performance can be affected by ambient temperature


  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 350 FPS
  • Magazine: 450 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

If you’re looking for a high-quality AEG that will support your CQB efforts, the CM16 Raider is a fantastic option! 

Starting from the barrel and moving back to the collapsible crane stock (that also houses the battery), this rifle is built on a nylon-composite polymer frame with a metallic barrel assembly. As a result, the AEG is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and durable. The high-capacity metallic magazine (450 rounds), large trigger guard and comfortable pistol grip are also features that promote this rifle to both beginners and advanced players. 

Lastly, the CM16 rifle can be improved by using the 7-inch free-float handguard fitted with 20mm Picatinny rail sections on the sides and one full-length rail at the top.

  • Easy to use in skirmishes
  • There is plenty of space for accessories
  • The magazine is large 
  • It shoots in semi and full-auto firing modes
  • Adjustable hop-up unit
  • It’s a fantastic rifle for the money
  • Firing mode and safety selector are not ambidextrous
  • The front triangle sight is fixed
  • The barrel and hop-up should be upgraded


Lancer Tactical AK-47 rifle


  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 380 FPS
  • Magazine: 600 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

Designed for CQB action, the CM028 AK47 features metallic internals with a polymer build (the faux-wood areas and some of the elements) and metallic barrel assembly. As a result, the rifle feels nice in your hands and it is easy to move with it on the field. 

The rifle supports both semi and full-auto firing modes and comes with a nice high-capacity magazine that can hold up to 600 BBs. Furthermore, the entire action is smooth and everything sounds nice due to the metal bushings and gears in the gearbox. 

While it may not promote the best-looking body (some of the elements are easily scratchable), this rifle comes with plenty of cool features. Overall, you get a lot of bang for your buck!

  • Metallic barrel assembly
  • The inner barrel is longer than usual for increased accuracy
  • High-capacity magazine that can hold up to 600 BBs
  • Adjustable hop-up unit
  • Supports semi and full-auto modes
  • Great value for the money
  • It comes with battery and charger
  • The sling mounts are a bit flimsy
  • The body scratches easily



  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 385 FPS
  • Magazine: 300 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

If you’re new to bullpup designs, you’ll be impressed by the level of accuracy this rifle is capable of delivering in both skirmishes and long-range shooting. Moreover, while it may look a bit bulky, it is lightweight and very easy to maneuver on the field. 

The bullpup build allowed the producer to use a long inner barrel (475mm) in the body of a CQB rifle, which is why the FAMAS is so versatile and popular. The 300 round metallic magazine and the fact that it can shoot in semi and full-auto modes are also interesting features that raise the rifle’s value. 

Lastly, the FAMAS is lightweight (around 6.3 lbs) even though it has a metallic barrel assembly and an accessory rail that lets players add their favorite optics or red dot sights. Of course, you can always use the included multi-option front and rear sights (which are adjustable) and use the rail for other accessories. Overall, this is the ideal rifle for beginners who want to test the waters with airsoft and identify the best-fitting role for them.

  • Bullpup design 
  • 650-750 BBs per minute ROF
  • Accurate at long-range and CQB
  • Upgradeable metallic Version 1 gearbox 
  • Adjustable hop-up unit
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector
  • Included frontal bipod
  • The battery is rather difficult to install
  • The polymer body doesn’t hold too well at drops
  • The mag needs to be spun after every 20-30 shots


  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 300 – 330 FPS
  • Magazine: 300 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

If you’re looking for a cool-looking rifle that works in any CQB scenario, this M4 rifle from Elite Force may just be the right one! With a 7th generation M4 design and a polymer boy, the gun is lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spots but feels great in your hands due to the solid build. The controls are easy to reach with your thumb and the gun features two fire modes (semi and full auto).

I love the handguard and rail system (there are actually 4 rails) that allow for more accessories (a scope and bipod, for instance) and the pistol grip is solid enough for both adult and young players. The cool thing is that you can upgrade it to a better version by replacing the gearbox, motor, hop-up, and even barrel. But for now, you get upgraded steel gears, which is quite nice.

The 7.4v or a 9.v LiPo battery is housed in the stock (it’s quite easy to reach), and powers a motor that allows for 330 FPS  with a solid range (with 0.20g BBs).  

Finally, I like the six-positions adjustable crane stock and the large magazine that lets you shoot without stopping. 

  • Good accuracy and range
  • ABS body
  • Can be upgraded
  • Easy to hold due to the handguard and pistol grip
  • Allows a wide range of accessories
  • Not for MilSim situations
  • Internals are not extremely durable


  • Type: CO2 Blowback
  • Power: 350 FPS
  • Magazine: 17 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

This is a beautiful CO2 pistol with a metallic body and a smooth-functioning slider. The pistol is created to perfectly imitate the real-steel 1911, so it does feel almost like you would hold a real pistol in your hands. In addition, the serrations on the slider and the texturized polymer grip make it easier to hold and use the pistol even in not-so-ideal weather conditions. Furthermore, the large trigger guard lets you shoot it with gloves. 

Still, you need to remember that this is a CO2 blowback design, so there is a pretty punchy recoil with each BB you shoot. Luckily, the adjustable BAXS hop-up unit makes it easier to set the trajectory of the BB and keep the pistol accurate. Moreover, since this is a semi-automatic design, you are in full control of the rate of fire.  

Lastly, this version of Colt 1911 comes with a 17 rounds magazine that also houses the gas container and a 20mm accessory rail under the barrel for a flashlight or a laser. As such, the Colt 1911 is a fantastic pistol for target practice in your backyard or as a sidearm!

  • It has a healthy weight
  • Serrated slider and polymer texturized grip
  • Beautiful design
  • Semi-automatic firing mode
  • 17 rounds magazine
  • Iron sights at the top of the barrel
  • Integrated adjustable BAXS hop-up unit
  • The blowback action is punchy
  • Its performance is influenced by cold weather

Best Guns under $100

If your budget doesn’t cover anything over $100, there are still some good guns to try.

Umarex Walther P99

Umarex walther pistol

  • Type: CO2 Blowback
  • Power: 380 FPS
  • Magazine: 15 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

I love this bad boy for the many cool features it brings at such a price! The Walther P99 Blowback CO2 is equipped with a metal slide and, due to a powerful spring, the recoil is quite realistic. Not to mention, the gun is a full-size replica of the Walther P99, which is used by both law enforcement agencies and civilians all around the world.

The airsoft pistol is fully licensed and the trademarks are authentic and impress a very nice look on the design. The grip is rubberized and the texture is specially designed to allow the gun to rest firmly in your hand when you’re firing (with or without a glove).

The cool thing is that, once you cock the slider once, you don’t have to do it again until the next magazine load. This gives the pistol the capacity to fire in a rapid, semi-automatic fashion, which could save you a life on the field.

I wouldn’t recommend the Walther P99 to a beginner because the blowback is powerful and it can throw off your aim if you’re not prepared for it. The pistol only holds 15 BBs at a time, but the magazine is easy to reload and access (it’s a paddle-style mag). Also, the CO2 is nicely hidden in the grip so you won’t be bothered while reloading. I like that it doesn’t leak gas after you load your CO2 container (most guns that use the same loading method, do).

  • Good accuracy and range (for a handgun)
  • Powerful blowback
  • Metal slider
  • Shoots .20g BBs
  • Gas doesn’t leak after reload
  • Doesn’t eat too much gas
  • The slider may lock back from time to time
  • The cartridge is a bit difficult to change


  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 320 FPS
  • Magazine: 240 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

Are you looking for something impressive, powerful, and in your budget? This impressive shotgun from Double Eagle is a great choice (I have more options in my best airsoft shotgun guide so make sure to check it out)! It is lightweight, due to the polymer body, but durable and easy to handle in CQB situations. It’s important to mention that, while this is an AEG rifle, the tri-shot launcher underneath the barrel is spring-powered. So, you’re working with two feeding systems: the 240 rds magazine and the shotgun shell style detachable magazine. 

The retractable stock is wide and fits well against your shoulder (the buttstock is rubberized) and you also get a comfortable pistol grip for more control. The rifle shoots in semi and full-auto modes and has a removable carry handle that covers a RIS rail section where optics can be installed. I also like the trigger guard as it offers plenty of space for gloves and the fact that you can adjust the length of the rifle using the stock. In terms of performance, the gun is accurate, but you can adjust the BB’s trajectory using the Hop-Up. 

  • Nice length and feel
  • Spring-powered tri-shot launcher
  • Accurate and powerful
  • Easy to reload
  • Impressive design
  • Runs through BBs quite fast
  • The combination of AEG and spring can be a bit too much for a beginner


BBTac AEG rifle

  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 200-250 FPS
  • Magazine: 45 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

Who said you can’t get a nice replica of a real steel version in under $100? The M82 ELECTRIC AIRSOFT SIG 552  is a full-scale replica of the SG 552 that works with 6mm BBs and shoots at a safe speed. Even more, the rifle is delivered with electric red-dot sights, flashlight, and tactical accessories. The accessories can be mounted on the two available rails (top and bottom), and the gun is easy to hold in different situations.

The body is ABS plastic, but it’s durable and lightweight so both beginners and advanced players can have some fun. The build is solid and the gun feels good in your hands, with or without gloves. I also like the transparent clip that holds 45 BBs and is easy to reload at any time – in the true spirit of a machine gun.

The M82 is specially designed to adapt to any CQB situation as it is compact and the stock is easily collapsible. Also, you can easily access the controls (fire selector that makes the switch between full and semi-auto), if you are right-handed. I like that you can easily replace the orange flash hider with a suppressor and that it is quite noisy due to the NiCad battery.

In terms of performance, the BT-M82 is not the most powerful on the market, but it does have a high 350-400 round rate of fire. Still, you have to consider the fact that it’s only effective for close-to-medium range. At the end of the day, the M82 ELECTRIC AIRSOFT SIG 552 looks cool but I wouldn’t recommend it to an experienced player. It’s great for beginners though!

  • Comes with plenty of tactical accessories
  • It is easy to hold in a CQB scenario
  • Lightweight and solid body
  • Good rate of fire
  • Not very powerful
  • Only for close-to-medium range
  • Mostly for beginners


  • Type: AEG
  • Power: 200 FPS
  • Magazine: 500 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

The F4-D is an impressive entry-level AEG with a powerful visual impact. Since it is built on the M4 platform, it is reliable and features a collapsible crane stock, which makes it great for various skirmishes and action on the field. Moreover, in the package, you’ll find several tactical accessories that can be mounted on the full-length Picatinny rail system at the top. These accessories can help with improved accuracy and overall performance, which is ideal for beginner players. 

Lastly, the rifle is designed with an adjustable hop-up unit and a fixed front sight, which also helps improve the accuracy. 

  • Impressive visual aspect
  • It shoots at 200 FPS with 0.12g BBs
  • Adjustable stock with rubberized butt plate
  • Shoots in full auto mode
  • Comes with several tactical accessories
  • Great value for the money
  • It is rather low-power
  • The included accessories are not the best
  • The body is not very durable

Best Airsoft Guns Under $50

Finally, if your budget is on the low end and you are just testing the waters, you can get a gun that’s under $50. Now, while these are perfectly fine for the budget, it’s important to understand you can’t expect them to behave like a high-end weapon.

Umarex Combat Zone Enforcer

Umarex enforcer pistol

  • Type: CO2
  • Power:  400 FPS
  • Magazine: 15 rds
  • BBs: 0.20g

Given the ABS body and the size, you can imagine this is a lightweight pistol which can be a bit weird at first if you’re used to metallic airsoft guns. I like the textured grip, the large trigger guard and the small rail that allows you to fit a flashlight or a laser at the bottom of the barrel. In addition, the pistol is quite accurate, and you have front and rear sights to help out if you’re a novice. The front one is a white dot sight, to make things easier.

I like that it doesn’t consume too much gas – this little guy can get 200 rounds out before you’d have to change the CO2 cartridge, but this is possible because the blowback element is missing. Speaking of the cartridge, it is housed in the grip, which pops open to give easy access. You’ll find that the magazine is metallic and easy to remove, reload, and get back in the game (it holds 15 BBs per load). It’s also recommended to use RWS Chamber Lube on the tip of the CO2 cartridge to keep internal mechanisms running smooth, so make sure to keep it in mind.

Overall, this is a simple pistol, without too much fuss and fluff, designed to fit most airsoft settings, and easy to carry around.

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight, but solid body
  • Metallic magazine
  • Easy access to the CO2 cartridge
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Doesn’t consume too much gas
  • It is durable and resists the elements
  • Quite Small
  • No blowback action
  • Extra magazines are overpriced


Beretta 92 FS

  • Type: Spring
  • Power:  150 FPS
  • Magazine: 12 rds
  • BBs: 0.12g

Spring guns are among the cheapest on the market because they implement a simple build and don’t require too many fancy elements to perform admirably. As such, this Beretta 92 spring-powered single-action pistol makes for the perfect sidearm when you’re on a budget. While it may not be extremely powerful, it is a full-size design which means it can be holstered. In addition, it features a texturized pistol grip, a large enough trigger guard for use with gloves on, iron sights, and it has Beretta logo and trademarks applied on the grip and slider.

Lastly, the Beretta 92 FS pistol is equipped with a drop-free magazine that can hold up to 12 rounds and accurately shoots using .12g BBs.

  • Nice, sturdy body
  • Good accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Iron sights
  • It is very lightweight
  • Very basic design

The Next Level

One of the reasons why I find airsoft so enjoyable is the plethora of gun designs available on the market. You can always improve or upgrade your arsenal, which makes the whole game a lot more fun! So, if you’re looking to step up your game (and have a larger budget available), check out our guide on the best airsoft guns (money being no object). Also, if you’re only looking for a sidearm, make sure to check our guide for the best airsoft pistols (most pieces have great features at incredibly affordable prices).

Best Overall – Cheap but Good 

All the guns I mentioned above are great for their budget, but if I was to choose just one weapon, I would go with the Elite Force 1911 Tac pistol. The fact that it’s full-metal and features a powerful blowback action makes it my favorite on this list. I also like the design (leaving certain aspects aside) and the performance it can offer on the field as a backup airsoft gun.

Now that you know my opinion, which one would you choose as the best overall weapon on this list?

Photo credit for lead image: Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels