WW2 Airsoft Guns 2022 – Our Guide To The Best Classic Weapons

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This article offers a list along with a detailed description of the best World War Two Airsoft guns available in 2022.

best ww2 airsoft gun

Thompson M1A1 Wingun Mosin-Nagant Lancer Tactical M14
Replica of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun CO2 bolt action rifle replica of the original M44 Metal M14 Rifle replica - developed in 1940's
Thompson M1A1 lancer_tactical_m14
Mag Capacity : 380 Rounds Magazine: 12rd Magazine: 450rd Hi-Cap

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Whether you’re looking to reenact a WW2 war scene or you’re just passionate about cool-looking airsoft guns, the models I chose today are some of the best to consider. Also, many of these models look like the ones you can find in popular FPS video games (such as COD WWII). 

Now, there’s no denying that there are lots of iconic guns coming from the WW2 era. After all, who can forget the beautiful Thompson M1A1 or the beautiful (yet scary) M14 rifle? Still, I recommend taking these WW2 airsoft guns with a grain of salt. 

Yes, they are impressive and all, but looks can be deceiving. There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to these replicas of classic firearms from the ‘30s and ‘40s. Many producers and retailers will play on the attraction players and collectors have on these guns and conveniently forget to mention the negatives.

For instance, in some cases, the classic shape of these guns means that manufacturers need to make concessions to ensure the replicas work well. This can lead to issues with upgrade parts (or lack thereof) and the effectiveness of some replicas on the battlefield.

As such, if you are interested in picking up a WW2 airsoft gun, take the time to read my list of the 6 Best WW2 Airsoft Guns! I did the reviews (and the testing) to help you make the right decision.

WW2 Airsoft Guns Reviewed

Overall, World War 2 replicas are unique, solid in your hand, and just plain cool. Even if you can’t afford the top of the line, you can still have a lot of fun with these airsoft guns. 

If you can find Wold War 2 airsoft clubs in your area, you might find yourself better matched against similar replicas than if you were to try to skirmish at your local airsoft field.

Luckily, World War 2 airsoft is gaining popularity, so manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to the wants and needs of these unique airsofters and putting out better replicas.


Available in COD WWII

AGM MP40 WW2 Airsoft Gun

  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable
  • Cheap Magazines (midcaps)
  • Looks similar to the original
  • Mostly 5-star reviews
  • Not compatible with upgrade parts
  • Will be outperformed by modern guns
  • Stock can fall apart if pins are not glued

The AGM MP40 is a great example of an all-around good airsoft gun and a solid option for an entry-level ww2 airsoft gun. It is styled after the Maschinepistole 40 which was developed for the German Army in 1938, refined, and issued in 1904. It was a 9mm submachine gun that was issued to squad leaders and officers, among others. The real-steel version was full-auto only.

AGM’s version is select-fire and features an electric safety on the bottom of the pistol grip. It is metal and plastic and comes in 2 color options, all-black, and a black and Bakelite brown that is more historically accurate. The stock is wire under-folding that comes up and over the magazine. The stock is held together by small pins that can work themselves loose with use in the field, so you should superglue these over to prevent that from happening.

Performance-wise, it is OK but not amazing with the NiMH battery it comes with. I suspect that if you were to toss in a LiPo, you would get a much better trigger response and ROF. The FPS is consistent at 350 fps, which makes it good for closer engagements but still somewhat usable on the open field. Don’t expect to make shots at 300 feet, though. This airsoft gun really is not eligible for any upgrades, so what you get is pretty much what you get. The vast majority of parts are proprietary and aftermarket parts are unlikely to work.

The magazines are advertised as 40 round midcaps, but most of the time people report it holds about 50 BBs or so. The nice thing about the magazines is they are cheap, so it is not painful to buy 4-8 of them to keep yourself in the fight. The magazines are also made of metal, which increases the realism and the feel of the gun. A nice feature of this gun, that is totally unintentional, is that you can use the magazine well as almost a vertical foregrip.

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  • ABS body that looks like real wood
  • Solid Steel construction
  • Very Historically accurate
  • Good range and FPS
  • The bayonet should not be used on the field

WinGun is a great manufacturer of airsoft guns (read my Best Airsoft Gun Brands article for more), and their WW2 offerings are no exception. The Mosin-Nagant M44 is by far one of the best-looking airsoft replicas of a rifle used in World War II (it comes with an integrated bayonet). This is a CO2 version with metal internals and some externals; the body is ABS, but it imitates wood so well that you can’t tell from a distance. The design is non-blowback and comes with a 12 rounds magazine, but it is so realistic that it can be used in World War ll reenactments.

The rifle is accurate and the bayonet is a fantastic touch of authenticity. However, I don’t recommend unfolding it on the field – while the tip is blunt, you still have the chance to impale someone with it! I also like that it comes with a sling, that uses leather attachments and makes the rifle look even cooler (if that’s possible)

Internally, the Mosin-Nagant M44 looks amazing! First, this is a bolt action with a smooth cycle and it features a metallic trigger and magazine. Overall, it weighs  8.2 pounds (so it can be heavy for a beginner) and shoots at about 480 FPS. Due to metal internals, the sound of cocking this rifle is amazing!

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Available in COD WWII

Thompson M1A1

  • Historically accurate
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Steel and ABS
  • High Capacity Magazine
  • Solid rate of fire
  • The stock is not retractable
  • Parts that look like wood are fake

This is the airsoft gun you’ve always wanted but didn’t know it! The M1A1 is an authentic replica of the Thompson Sub Machine Gun, also known as ‘the gun that helped change the world’. This rifle was used by the US Army Cavalry during WW2 and they also helped repel Nazi from Europe. So, if you want to improve your airsoft collection with a historical piece, the Thompson M1A1 from Cybergun is one of the best options!

The rifle is fully licensed, but the stock is ABS (not wood). This makes the gun a bit lighter and easier to use in CQB situations. Actually, there are very few plastic pieces on this M1A1 – with the exception of the buttstock, pistol grip, and handguard, everything is metal. The rifle supports a 380 rounds magazine and comes with a battery (8.4v 1100 mah NIHM) and charger in the package.

Performance is absolutely outstanding – expect to be able to hit targets at a velocity of 466 m/s with .12g BBs! Part of the reason for the accuracy on this rifle is the full metal gearbox with metal bushings and reinforced steel gears. Also, the 2-way adjustable rear sight is great for setting windage and elevation as needed.

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  • Very Solid wood and metal construction
  • Very Accurate
  • Ability to use high-powered batteries
  • Supports both stick and drum magazines
  • Historically accurate across a large period of time
  • It is a collectible, so it’s rather expensive

The Tommy (or the M1A1) is a piece of American history that will forever be associated with gangsters which preferred it for its high efficiency (when paired with a high-cap magazine, this baby can spray!). However, this submachine gun was very popular during WW2 and it was used by law enforcement agencies as well.

This 1:1 replica is a bit more special as it features a silver finish and real wood stock, pistol grip, and handguard for increased authenticity.

The silver M1A1 version is an example of craftsmanship. With a solid build and aluminum/steel metal parts, this rifle is long and sturdy. The gun feels good in your hands and provides plenty of grabbing surfaces for comfort during a skirmish.

This version of the M1A1 accepts both drum and stick style magazines, but I have to say, I like the drum better (for added visual impression). It shoots at about 38 to 410 FPS and supports both semi and full-auto modes. Keep in mind that it is rather big (about 33.8 inches long) and heavy (about 6.8 pounds)


This rifle is valuable if you are a WW2 reenactor for a few reasons: It is accurate across all theaters of the war and all branches of service. It is powerful and accurate enough that it will allow you to compete very well with other players, especially those using modern replicas.

The powerful motor is powered by both NiMH and NiCD batteries, and I like that the battery compartment is lined with foam, to reduce rattle during the game. Also, the gun accepts batteries up to 5000 mAh, which says a lot about the level of waste it can deliver. Furthermore, the gearbox is fully metal, with 8mm bushings and hardened steel gears.

While it doesn’t feature any special rails for accessories, the rifle has an adjustable rear sight that can be used for windage and elevation. There is also an adjustable Hop-Up for increased accuracy at superior range, and the design of this collectible is completed by a unique serial number and authentic inscriptions.

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  • Super solid construction
  • Simple ABS and metal construction
  • Great front and rear iron sights
  • Very solid performance
  • Historically accurate
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • It is quite big and the stock doesn’t fold

Lancer Tactical has a pretty good reputation in the airsoft world for making decently priced airsoft guns that perform well. Their M14 is no different. Featuring a functional charging handle and mock bolt catch, this steel and ABS monster will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. The real steel M14 was first built in 1940, for the US troops, but it was quickly replaced by the M16, because of its weight (it was difficult to use in CQB scenarios).

The look of this gun can’t be understated. The design is simple, effective, and reliable. There are a lot of perks to this gun, including the included flip-up front and rear iron sights. These allow any player to zero in on a target even in the most difficult conditions (when scopes usually fail).

In terms of performance, expect over 400 FPS with an 8.4v block battery. Internally, you will find a version 7 full metal gearbox with high-quality full steel gears, high-tension spring, metal spring guide with bearing, reinforced cylinder head, and vacuum piston head. Furthermore, the gearbox can be easily changed with a superior version, without any compatibility issues.

I also like the adjustable hop-up that accounts for target range and wind conditions.  Overall, this rifle is bad-ass enough to make the enemy team tremble at its very sight!

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King Arms M1 Carbine (Paratrooper Version)

In Band of Brothers, George Luz can be seen doing an impression of Gen. Eisenhower: “…Tonight is the night of nights…” Well, the KA M1 Carbine is the Gun of Guns in the WW2 space. This thing is beautiful, highly anticipated, reasonably priced, and performs like a champ. There is almost no better marriage than King Arms and WW2 airsoft. They have been putting out very good airsoft guns for a while, and their entry into ww2 space is great for players and ww2 enthusiasts alike.

King Arms M1 Carbine Airsoft Rifle

Externally, this replica is not accurate throughout the entire war. Certain modifications need to be done if you are looking for early to mid-war M1 Carbine accuracy: The Bayonet Lug, the Handguard vents, and the rear sight are the commonly listed offenders.

These are all easy fixes, and there is even a kit that RA-Tech (they make a lot of kits for gas guns) makes for the rear sight (It does need modification to fit this version as it was made for another gun). If you aren’t a stickler for accuracy, or you want to use this for Korea or Vietnam (heck, there are reports of M3 grease guns and M1 Carbines being used in Desert Storm) go right ahead and play.

Internally, this is a straight CO2 gun. Expect pretty high FPS, 450+ on a full cartridge to be exact, and excellent accuracy. Reviews of this gun put it as shooting 450+ FPS with .30s out to 150′ easily.

Don’t expect to be able to play CQB with this carbine at all. Some sites list it as a sniper. I don’t agree that this is a sniper rifle, but maybe you should use it more in a support or Marksman role. Keep your distance and have a sidearm ready in case you find yourself in a close-quarters situation.

Magazines are pricey, but function well. They use 12-gram CO2 cartridges which are widely available. Additionally, they are compatible with the Marushin M1 Carbine CO2 magazines, which is a plus. The Full stock version seems to be out of stock on many websites, but the Paratrooper version is available. Magazines are hard to come by, and because they hold 15 rounds maximum, you will need more.

Hopefully, they come back in stock soon, but you should do your research and find someone stocking them if you intend to use this in the field.

The King Arms M1 Carbine is a gun that anyone can use to great effect. It has the ability to be used as a DMR and has the power to back that up. There really aren’t any cons to this gun other than the difficulty in locating magazines. The pros far outweigh the cons, so we’re going to list them again: Solid wood and metal, CO2 blowback, accurate, cost-effective, and great looking!

Conclusion & Research

Well, that about wraps up the list of the six best world war 2 airsoft guns on the market today. This list is obviously not all-encompassing but tries to strike a balance between price, quality, ease of use, and play-ability as far as airsofting is concerned. Airsoft is always evolving and changing, and there is really no telling what this year will bring when it comes to World War II guns.

The best thing you can do is research your gun before you buy it to make sure you are getting the gun you want. WW2 airsoft guns tend to be a special niche and aren’t always as user friendly as more modern replicas. All of the guns on this list should provide you with hours of enjoyable play, though.

There really is no right or wrong answer in this space. If you like the way a gun looks or performs, go ahead and pick it up. The collectability and uniqueness of these guns mean that anything you spend will be an investment in your future as an airsofter. Overall, World War 2 guns are some of the nicest airsoft guns out there today.

Photo credit for lead image: Photo by Alex Andrews from Pexels