Best Airsoft Grenades Reviewed

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Airsoft grenades are great to add thrill to the game, create some much-needed chaos and confusion in the opposite camp, or get rid of several opponents in one move (depending on the type of grenade you’re using).

In my opinion, all you need is a good CQB rifle, a full spare magazine, a battery, and several airsoft grenades to win the game quickly. True, you need a bit of arm muscle to throw a grenade in the middle of enemy fortifications, but you can work on your pitcher skills whenever you want.

Now, if you’re new to the world of airsoft grenades, you should know there are several types on the market.

  • Smoke grenades designed to create confusion and/or cover your behind when you want to reach a certain spot in the field, but you know the adverse team has an amazing sniper. Furthermore, on certain fields, colored gas grenades are considered poisonous gas, which is even more effective.
  • Grenades that spread an array of BBs – designed to take out every enemy within a 5- feet radius. These can be triggered on impact or based on a timer, depending on your preferences. I, for instance, prefer grenades on a timer because it gives me the time to plant them and run, thus reducing the risk of being hit by my own grenade. This design works great for those with little to no arm muscles.
  • Grenades to distract the enemy – these are designed to distract the shooter by shifting his/her focus from you. For instance, a sound grenade (which can be terrifyingly loud) or a grenade that produces a fake flash can be amazing as a distraction technique.

Why You Should Trust Me

As I already stated, I prefer grenades on a timer because they’re easier to handle, but if you’re looking for the surprise element, you’re better off with sound or flash grenades. But I digress. What I was trying to say is that I have over a decade of experience in playing airsoft. During this time, I tried every type of replica, gear, and product that came my way. Plus, I had a few months during which I was obsessed with airsoft grenades.

I tried and tested all the grenade types on the market and I even got pretty good at using them for a strategic advantage. I know from experience that a well-placed grenade can turn the game but I also know that, when not used correctly, they can lead to accidents. Therefore, I’ll use everything I learned in the field to help you find the right airsoft grenades for your gameplay. Plus, I’ll leave a few safety instructions to make sure you get to enjoy the game to its fullest.

How I Selected and Tested the Grenades

Because grenades aren’t cheap and they can be quite dangerous when mishandled or misused, they’re not that popular in all airsoft fields. Still, if you know how to choose your product and consider yourself a reliable player with experience in using various airsoft weapons, grenades can be quite fun.

Here are some of the criteria I used when selecting the products for this list:


Depending on the type of field you’ll be playing on, you will only be allowed a certain type of grenade (some fields may not accept them at all).

Also, it depends on your play style. If you’re looking for a way to conceal your movements and distract the snipers, a smoke grenade is your best choice. On the other hand, if you like to take people out one by one, a fake grenade that distracts attention is perfect. Finally, if you enjoy taking on an entire squad alone, you may need one with BBs.

For more details, here is a list of the most common types:

  • Dummy grenades – they’re only replicas of airsoft grenades as they don’t do anything. Since they’re not loaded with gas or BBs, they’re also lightweight, which means your gear won’t be overloaded.
  • CO2 Powered – the main purpose of these grenades is to make a loud bang and (optionally) spread BBs or dirt around. There are several designs, starting with the cheap ones that are built using a plastic shell and ending with grenades with metallic inner workings. For the latter, airsoft field rules state these grenades should be rolled and not thrown, thus reducing the traveling distance. Still, if used right, they can clear out your opponent’s fortifications. Also, they can be refilled.
  • BB Grenades – this type of grenade releases a BB spray and makes a loud noise, so everyone will know it has gone off. It can go off on impact or on a timer, and you can reset and reuse them.
  • Tornado Grenades – a subtype of the BB grenades, this one is silent, and it releases the BBs in a spiral while rotating around its own axis (like a tornado of BBs). It is highly effective as it reaches a lot of players, but it’s also quite expensive.
  • Pyrotechnic – also known as cardboard pyro, these are not reusable since they literally burn. Their purpose is to release smoke of different colors or make flashbangs, depending on the materials used. Furthermore, most airsoft fields will accept them without restrictions, and they are rather cheap.

Reusable or Not?

Airsoft grenades go from affordable to rather expensive, but even the cheap ones can dig a hole in your pocket if you use them all the time. This is why some grenades are designed to be refilled (with BBs or CO2 gas).

Basically, most grenades that use gas can be reused by replacing the CO2 container and sealing it back with silicone oil. Other models may need ring replacements and you can even find refreshing kits that can give your grenades a new life.

I honestly think that if you like using grenades, you should focus on reusable models. It is cheaper and gives you the chance to learn more about how they work.

Words of Caution

Before I start talking about actual products, I want to make sure you understand airsoft grenades are not for beginners. If you can’t hold your rifle correctly, you shouldn’t be throwing a grenade!

A grenade that’s not thrown correctly can hit someone in the mask or head. This can knock the safety gear (goggles or masks) off, which can lead to injuries if the grenade was a BB spraying design. Speaking of which, make sure to check my guide on the best airsoft masks for your protection!

Furthermore, most cheap CO2 grenades don’t have a timer that tells you when they’ll go off. They are highly influenced by the environmental temperature, so it could take up to 30 seconds or it could take 2 seconds for the grenade to explode. This can lead to a grenade exploding in your hand, in someone’s face, or too close to someone’s ear.

Finally, smoke grenades can be hazardous to use in outdoor fields such as forests or tall grass. Since they are burning projectiles (and they burn hot), it’s easy to start a fire if the vegetation is dry.

Overall, if you’re careful with your gear, there shouldn’t be any problems. Still, it’s always best to exercise caution, even though these are not real grenades.

Top 4 Best Grenades

Now that we talked about all the necessary details let’s have a look at the designs that are available on the market.

ASG Storm Apocalypse Impact Gas Airsoft Grenade

ASG Storm Apocalypse Impact Gas Airsoft Grenade

  • Gas-powered & reusable
  • Easy to grab and throw due to the cylindric design
  • Has a spin and burst pattern
  • Sends BBs flying at 220FPS
  • Quite sensitive
  • Not recommended for beginners

The Storm Apocalypse from ASG is the perfect solution for airsoft players looking for a reliable gas-powered impact grenade. With its slim profile and rugged impact-resistant polymer casing, the grenade is durable enough to withstand indoor and outdoor airsoft field conditions. The grenade is reusable, so it can be reloaded and reused many times, saving you the expense and danger of pyrotechnic grenades.

The Storm Apocalypse unleashes a powerful payload of 155 6mm BBs at 220 FPS in a spin and burst pattern. Plus, it’s slim enough to fit into a standard ‘M4 magazine’ style pouch, making it easier to carry more grenades at a time.

Plus, you no longer have to worry about the safety pin since this grenade features a primer system that allows for a smoother ‘snag-free’ profile. It is sensitive enough to activate even on soft surfaces such as carpets or grass. In addition, it is equipped with a safety catch feature that only allows activation when the primer switch is flicked from ‘safe’ to ‘fire’ mode.

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  • Available in three different styles
  • Easy to use
  • Red smoke
  • Not metallic materials
  • Internal burning
  • Can still cause a fire under the right conditions

If you’re looking to create a diversion or cover your actions, a smoke grenade is your best bet. The cool thing about these grenades is that you can select the color of the smoke (red, in this case). Furthermore, these grenades feature cool burning, which means that there is no external flame and the burning is internal.

However, you should still be careful with them and avoid using them around flammable materials.

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Z-Parts ERAZ Rotative 100 BB Airsoft Grenade

  • Carries up to 100 BBs
  • Spreads the BBs in a rotative pattern at high-speed
  • It is compact & lightweight
  • It can be re-used
  • It’s larger than a usual grenade

If you’re more into the Bomb Assault type of airsoft gameplay, you’ll love this grenade! It holds 100 BBs, and once activated, it spreads them in a full 360° spray of death! No one can escape this airsoft massacre!

While it is a little bigger than a regular grenade (2”x3.4” – LxH), it fits in a 40mm grenade pouch and can be added to a tactical vest or backpack (it’s lightweight, at about 0.2 lbs). The exterior is made of a high-density polymer but it also has some metallic internal elements for increased reliability and durability. 

The grenade uses green gas or propane to spread the BBs at high velocity, so it covers a wider area (in an outdoor setting) or clears out an entire room in one shot (or pull of the pin). And, once you’ve recovered it from the field, you can fill it up and re-use it as you see fit.

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ASG Storm Grenade 360

ASG Storm Grenade 360

  • Can accommodate up to 100 BBs
  • Disperses BBs in 360° spray up to 38.2 feet
  • It fits in a medium-sized hand
  • The outer layer is textured, so it won’t slip out of your hand
  • It’s durable and re-usable
  • It uses green gas and propane
  • It’s a bit heavier than usual designs of this size

As the name suggests, the Storm Grenade 360 will launch a storm of BBs in a 360° pattern that will bring your enemies to their knees! Furthermore, it fits in your hand and it can be carried in a regular-sized grenade pouch.

It’s a bit heavier than a standard grenade (around 0.6 lbs), but it can hold up to 100 BBs (.12g or .20g are recommended) and can send the projectiles as far as 32.8ft. In addition, the pin is very sturdy and well-designed, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing it. The body is made from a high-density polymer, so you can throw the grenade against a solid surface to deploy the release mechanism once the pin is removed.

Lastly, the grenade is easy to re-fill with BBs and green gas and it’s 100% reusable.

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Wrap Up

At the end of the day, grenades are a lot of fun, but they’re also a bit riskier than regular airsoft guns. Still, if you use them according to specifications and learn how each type reacts under different conditions, you should not get into any trouble!