What is Airsoft?

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Pretty much everybody has heard of paintball, right? Airsoft is similar except that instead of paint balls, the guns fire small plastic pellets called BBs. It’s an immensely fun tactical game that anyone can pick up and play right away, and personally we believe it’s a lot more fun than paintball!

The History of Airsoft

The game itself probably had its roots back from around 1970, designed for target shooting and also the ability to have fun, casual war games with weapons that couldn’t cause injury to other players and enthusiasts.

The game spread to the UK and US from the late 1980s and 1990s, and has only recently grown in mainstream popularity over the past 10 years. Guns have become more adapted specifically for recreational players, and more and more ‘Sites’ have popped up over the past 10 years across pretty much every country in the World.

Airsoft Game Types

Most game-types will be familiar to any call of duty or FPS video game player out there!

  • Team deathmatch – a very basic way to play, basically the first team to have all their players eliminated (struck by a BB) loses, and the other team wins
  • Capture the flag – enter the enemy base, capture their flag and return it to your base
  • King of the hill – spend more time in a neutrally located hill than the enemy team
  • Bomb Assault – deliver your fake ‘bomb’ to the enemy base without being eliminated
  • Fortress – Defend your fortress from the enemy

And many, many more! Here’s 23 different Airsoft gametypes you can check out

Airsoft Rules

  • If you’re hit by a BB, you must raise your hand and return to your base (honesty is very important)
  • If you see people cheating in this regard, tell a marshall
  • Do not shoot people within 10ft, instead shout ‘BANG’ – this is to avoid potential up close injuries (don’t worry, pellets still don’t hurt that much)
  • Avoid head shots
  • You can’t climb trees (Airsoft is very often played in woodland areas) or create unfair hiding advantages that aren’t part of the designed field of play

Is Airsoft Better than Paintball?

We think so! It’s a game developed for more realistic military simulation game types. It tends to be a faster paced game than Paintball and the maps tend to be far more extravagant and interesting.

Some points to note:

  • More realistic looking weapons and tactical gear
  • Almost like playing call of duty (before it got all cyber-space style) but in a real live setting
  • More realistic map designs
  • Better community – more hardcore community that’s very inclusive and allows for all sorts of fun days out
  • Here’s a pretty cool comparison of the two sports

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