Best Gas Powered Airsoft Gun: Expert Buying Guide

by Mira Niculae | Last updated 1st February, 2019 | Posted in Gun Guides
If I have to be honest, when it comes to making an impression, I will always choose a GBB gun! They have that extra kick you need to make your opponents pee their pants whenever you press the trigger!

best airsoft gas gun

Not to mention, if it’s the right kind of GBB, the recoil will make you feel like you’re shooting a real gun, which is indescribable!
But gas-powered blowback guns are not for the faint of heart, so if you’re just starting with airsoft, it’s best to go to the AEG section of our site. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for adventure, have a look at the beauties I mentioned below.

The Best Gas Powered Airsoft Guns Reviewed

As usual, here’s the quick overview of the top three designs I find the most attractive:

Best SMG Best Rifle Best Pistol
Umarex H&K MP7 GBBR KWA LM4C GBBR Elite Force 1911 TAC GBB
Umarex H&K MP7 GBBR KWA LM4C GBBR Elite Force 1911 TAC GBB
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I like the H&K MP7 the best because it is compact, lightweight and pretty powerful. I’m also in love with the adjustable stock and how the gun feels in your hands – it may not be full metal, but it is great to carry around and maneuver in a CQB scenario!

Umarex H&K MP7

This bad boy is the loyal replica of a real steel H&K MP7 A1, a compact rifle that’s highly accurate and reliable. The airsoft replica is just as reliable; it has a 40 rounds magazine, works with 6mm BBs, and uses either propane or green gas as fuel (housed in the magazine).
The body is very solid and can take a lot of abuse, and I love the license markings that add to the realistic aspect of the rifle. While the outer shell is high-quality ABS polymer (except for the rails and some small elements), the internals are metal which gives the gun a robust feel and healthy weight.
The stock is foldable, with metal rails that slide in and out of the gun’s body and the butt plate is polymer so it has adherence to your shoulder. There are four positions for the stock, which allows you to customize the gun’s fit into the shoulder as needed.

In terms of performance, the Umarex H&K MP7 is semi and full auto (selectable) and I definitely like the front and rear flippable sights and the RIS rails mounted on top and on the sides so you can add as many accessories as you want/need. The front sight is equipped with elevation settings while windage is placed on the rear sight, so you can use the rifle for both short and long range shooting.

The bolt release and selector are ambidextrous, the trigger is two-stage, and the sound it makes with every shot is very realistic. This submachine gun goes at about 390 FPS and is highly accurate without a scope (once you adjust the sights according to your needs). The trigger is light and crisp, easy to use, which allows you to aim almost perfectly.

The gas is enough for you to empty the magazine, so you can go full auto without worrying you’ll run out of fuel in the middle of a spray. I actually encourage you to go full auto and enjoy the sound and action, this is a beautiful airsoft gun with fantastic behavior in the field!

Overall, the MP7 from Umarex is a very compact rifle (foldable stock, foldable foregrip, flippable sights) with lots of rail space and a very nice blowback action. It is also powerful and accurate, which is why I like it better than other GBBs on the list.

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This LM4C Professional Training Rifle is a very realistic CQB airsoft gun that loyally mimics the real steel M4. While the blowback kick and overall operations are very close to the real deal, the carbine strips and cleans just like the real one does! This makes it one of the most durable and easy to fix airsoft rifles out there.

The body is solid, made of CNC aluminum on the exterior and designed to be used under real-world training situations. Now, just like the real gun, the airsoft LM4C has a polymer LE retractable stock (6 positions) and pistol grip while the top rail is metallic (great for your optics). The outer barrel is full metal and so is the bolt which means the rifle will be a lot more durable than any other airsoft guns on the market.

The internals are designed following KWA’s Force Velocity System which gives the rifle a strong blowback effect and enhances gas efficiency (one gas charge holds for three magazines!). If you’ve never fired with a KWA LM4C, it’s best to prepare yourself for a very realistic recoil action (one of the features why professionals use this rifle for training situations).

In terms of performance, this beautiful weapon has a powerful kick and can shoot to up to 390 FPS and more. I also love the fact that the carbine stops from firing once the magazine is empty and locks the bolt in (this will definitely help you save on gas). Another small detail you may like is that you can’t pull the safety unless the bolt is charged.

The hop up system is very effective and allows you to shoot targets at about 170 feet, which is why I would only recommend this carbine to advanced players. Next, the adjustable front and rear sights make the use of optics optional but possible. Finally, the magazine holds 38 rounds and it comes with green gas included.

Overall, the KWA LM4C Professional Training Rifle is one of the most realistic GBB CQB rifles on the market right now, which is why it is the best option I recommend to anyone looking for a bit of kick in their action.

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Golden Eagle M16

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This is a more affordable option that works for the regular airsofter in need of a goof GBB rifle. While the stock is not retractable and the rifle is not that compact, the polymer handguard and extensive rail system make it quite a catch in the field. Not to mention, the M16 comes equipped with a removable handle at the top so it will be easier to carry around.

The rifle has well-placed sling rings so you can carry it over the shoulder and it is rather lightweight, which is useful in long combat games. The pistol grip is also polymer but provides lots of adherence and the large trigger guard is great for most types of gloves.

From top to butt plate, the rifle measures 39.5 inches, it has polymer receivers, adjustable sights, and works in semi and full automatic modes (the selector can be easily reached with your thumb). It reaches a muzzle velocity of 330 to 350 FPS and the blowback action is close to the one of a real M16.

At the end of the day, the Golden Eagle M16 may not be compact or extremely rugged, but it is accurate and can shoot in both short and long range. The magazine holds 30 BBs and the gas doesn’t run out very fast so you can use it in both semi and full auto.

Low-Cost Options

If you want a high-quality GBB, you should be ready to pay the price; otherwise you should just get an AEG and be done with it. However, if your budget is not prepared for the big guns, you can always try a cool GBB pistol! While the operation is not the same as with a rifle, the gas pistol makes for a fantastic sidearm.

Elite Force 1911 TAC

A full metal body, with well-defined sights and a very comfortable grip (with fast-draw diamond texture), the Elite Force 1911 tactical is a beauty in every airsofter’s collection!

The pistol works with CO2 cartridges (not included in the package), has cocking serrations on the slide and plenty of room on the trigger guard. Overall, the pistol mimics a real steel design and feels just like one when you hold it.

The design is incredibly beautiful and rugged, and there is a lower Picatinny rail that allows for accessories such as flashlights or a red dot. Furthermore, the CCW threaded 14mm tip is great if you want to add a suppressor and make it even bigger. I also loved the built-in adjustable hop up (fantastic for accuracy) and the blowback action (just like shooting with a real gun!).

The pistol’s muzzle velocity goes up to 370 FPS with 0.20g BBs and the 14 rounds drop-free magazine makes charging a lot more fluid right on the field.

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WE M92

Finally, the WE M92 is a replica of the sidearm currently used by the US military. The pistol features ambidextrous safety, magazine release, slide release, and a large trigger guard. It comes with a magazine of 26 rounds and one BB on the barrel, it shoots at about 320 FPS, and has a full metal body and slide.

Overall, it’s not the first semi-auto blowback pistol I’d choose, but it is fantastic for beginners and fits nicely in most holsters.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, all the GBBs on my list are designed to mimic the aspect and action of a real steel weapon. This means you’ll get rifles and pistols that feel good in your hands, are solid, and feature powerful recoil, which is definitely something I love about high-quality blowbacks!