Ultimate Airsoft Guide 2022: 18,657+ Words Of Top MVP Intel

Welcome to the biggest and most comprehensive airsoft guide in the world! New to airsoft or just want to brush up on your existing knowledge? Get your answers right here. If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you want to find out more about airsoft. You have probably watched a dozen YouTube videos, maybe you have spent hours on airsoft forums or you have been nagging your airsoft friends for the past weeks. Either way, you’re ready to pull the trigger (pun intended) and jump into this exciting new hobby that you can’t stop obsessing about. You are finally ready to buy your first airsoft gun & gear up! Does this sound anything like you? It’s exactly how I felt when I first discovered the wonderful and exciting world of airsoft. I can actually play COD and CSGO in real life? Are you joking? Where do I sign up?! Unless you want to repeat the same mistakes I made and spend way too much money on bad airsoft gear, you better read every word on this website. Well, maybe not every word. The About Me section is very boring… In an effort to save you a lot of time and money I have compiled everything you need to know about airsoft, in this article. If you’re reading this, chances are that there are many crucial things you don’t know about this awesome sport. I’m here to fix that. I will make your life easier and show you every golden nugget and share every piece of advice I have been given over many years of airsoft play. I will try to be exhaustive where I need to be and efficient where I should. Airsoft is after all a technical game, some complexities can’t be avoided – but I will always try to explain them with very basic language and in terms that anyone will understand. In this comprehensive airsoft guide we will be taking a detailed look at the fundamental topics of airsoft. Want to know why your gun isn’t Li-PO ready? Read this article. Want to learn about HPA systems? Read this article. Want to find a date on Tinder? Take cheesy pictures on rooftops! Armed with my expert knowledge and utilizing my recommendations, you will be ready to make the best, educated, decision on what gear you need, what gun you are interested in and how you want to approach this awesome game. Don’t rely on a whim or what advertisers are trying to push you. Read this article and you’ll know exactly what to buy and why. Before we dive in, let me just say one thing – this is a huge guide on airsoft. In fact – it’s over 18,657 word long! It’s not made to be read in one go. But more of a reference and an awesome resource you can come back to anytime you’re wondering about a topic in airsoft. As you can see above, I’ve included a wikipedia style table of contents for your convenience. Use it to jump to different section of the guide! I’m constantly expanding … Continue reading Ultimate Airsoft Guide 2022: 18,657+ Words Of Top MVP Intel